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Micron Technology, Inc. Donates $300,000 to Prince William County for Watershed Trash Collection
Thursday, 18 March 2021
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​The Prince William Board of County Supervisors recently accepted a $300,000 donation from Micron Technology, Inc. to buy a Bandalong, a floating trash collection device that pulls trash and plastic pollution from waterways as it floats downstream. The Bandalong is slated for use in the Neabsco Creek Watershed.

Micron's $300,000 donation will also cover the costs of site preparation, installation, permitting and hiring a contractor for one year to remove large debris, such as tree trunks and large branches, along with floatable trash from the watershed.

In addition, the donation will help address the problem of plastic trash pollution in County streams and watersheds, especially empty plastic bottles that are unsightly,  slow to degrade, and harmful to aquatic animals.

"This generous donation from Micron Technology for an in-stream trash catcher goes a long way towards helping local water quality, and that of the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay, by reducing floatable and plastic pollution in our Prince William streams," said Marc Aveni, assistant director of Public Works for Environmental Services. "We look forward to piloting this technology as part of the County's commitment to cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay."

Micron, a worldwide manufacturer of computer industrial, commercial and consumer semiconductors, has certain annual sustainability goals to meet in its communities, that include improved water quality.

"A typical semiconductor manufacturing facility uses a lot of water every day. As part of our sustainability initiatives, and in addition to our internal water reuse and recycling activities and goals, Micron adopts water restoration projects in regions where we have operations. Micron is proud to partner with Prince William County on the Bandalong project," said Micron Vice President and Site Executive Delbert Parks. "This project aligns with Micron's sustainability goals and reflects Micron's commitment to supporting our communities. At the same time, Micron will invite our team members to participate in environmental volunteer activities, such as with this new project. I personally plan to get involved."

In return for the donation, the County agreed to share data related to trash removal amounts and flow measurements from the stream with Micron. The County also agreed to maintain the equipment in good working condition and make any necessary repairs for the duration of the project. 
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