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For All Things Demographic About Prince William County
Monday, 8 May 2017
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If it's demographic information about Prince William County that you are interested in then we have the site for you. The county's Geographic Information Systems, or GIS, Division recently relaunched Demographic Mapper. The online application includes hundreds of attributes, so if it gets counted, quantified, defined, tallied or compiled in any way, the results can probably be found in the application.

Geography, population, income, housing, economics, race, ethnicity, age groups and gender are just a few of the categories included in the mapper, said County Demographer Brian Engelmann. The information contained within the application can be used to compile a comprehensive picture of the county. "The Demographic Mapper is essentially a webpage that allows anybody to create a map of Prince William County and the cities of Manassas and Manassas Park based on demographic attributes from the latest U.S. Census data sets."

Anyone can use the application to find broad information about the county or focus on hyperlocal facts, Engelmann said. "If you're just somebody looking to find out something about your community, whether it's extremely local, like your magisterial district, or something across the whole county, this website can help you out. You can come to the website with an idea of what you're looking for or you can approach it in a completely exploratory manner."

More information about demographics and the Demographics Mapper is available on the county's website at

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