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March is National Social Work Month
Wednesday, 24 February 2021
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​March is National Social Work Month. The 2021 theme is "Social Workers are Essential to Community Well-being." 

Social workers are committed to pursuing justice and helping create communities. They meet people where they are, through a holistic system approach to help them live to their potential, guided by these core values: social justice, worth of the person, the importance of human relationships, integrity and competence.

There are many different specializations, industries and fields of social work requiring different levels of training, education and licensing to fulfill the various roles of advocate, therapist, mediator, researcher, educator, manager, facilitator, case manager, administrator, community change agent and broker.

Most social workers obtain a Master of Social Work degree. Most work in micro social work, which is working directly with an individual customer. Macro social workers work to establish service systems that meet the needs of a community.  

Child, family and school social workers protect children from abuse and neglect. Public health and medical social workers help individuals with chronic life-threatening diseases. Licensed clinical social workers account for one of the largest groups of mental health and substance abuse treatment providers. 

Social workers play a vital role in community organizing and in local, state and federal government, helping to create programs and policies that make society a better and more equitable place for all.

If you see someone making a difference during March, ask them if they are a social worker; it is a good bet that they are!
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