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Trash & Recycling
Solid Waste Fees


Solid Waste Fees

On September 1, 1998,  the Board of County Supervisors established a County-wide solid waste fee to fund trash disposal, composting and recycling operations, as well as repay the debt incurred to purchase land to expand the landfill. The Board implemented the fee on January 1, 1999.  Properly managed, our Landfill will serve Prince William County's  solid waste disposal needs until approximately 2050.

The Solid Waste Fee appears as a separate line item on the real estate property tax bill. The fee is divided in half between the June and November tax bills.  

Annual Residential Fees


Fee Class Fee Per Unit
Single-Family Home $70
Town Home $63
Mobile Home $56
Condominium/Apartment $47


Annual Business and Non-Profit Organization Solid Waste Fees

Businesses and non-profit organizations, including schools and churches, will be assessed based on their actual refuse generation amounts per year. This information is based on actual records or by the number, size and pickup of your refuse containers. If businesses and non-profits do not have this information, the County will estimate generation based on the type and square footage of a business or non-profit organization.

Adjustments can be made in future billings if businesses or non-profit organizations can supply annual waste generation amounts. If you feel the Solid Waste fee assessment is incorrect, you may call 703-792-7997. Our staff will review the bill and the waste generation amounts assessed to your property. For other Tax Assessment related questions you may call 703-792-6710.

Residents and businesses should consider the following when planning future refuse disposal costs: 
  1. Prince William County residents and businesses can haul their trash to the landfill without paying a disposal fee, except for materials such as tires, manure, pallets and other items that require special handling.
  2. The disposal fees at the landfill were eliminated on January 1, 1999.
  3. Refuse haulers should only charge to collect and transport refuse.  Refuse haulers permitted to collect refuse in the County do not pay a disposal fee and should not charge customers for disposal on their bills.     




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