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Trash & Recycling
Refuse Hauler Information

Trash Collection

Residents, Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and business owners may hire a private Refuse Hauler to collect trash/recycling from their homes or businesses. Refuse haulers are also listed in the yellow pages under garbage removal.  The hauler charges for collection and transportation of trash. The contract is between you and the private refuse hauler.  The County does not regulate the fees of any refuse haulers.
Prince William County does not provide trash and recycling collection, nor bins for collection. Residents can haul their own trash/recycling to the Landfill, Balls Ford Compost Facility or the Saturday collection sites at Nokesville Elementary School and Evergreen Fire Station.  
TeamSort:  Rules of the Game

Sort It Out

Whether you place trash at the curb or carry it to a facility, please be sure to sort recyclables from your trash.  Remember no one sorts it at the landfill.  If you put recyclables in the trash, those materials are buried forever and take up valuable landfill space.   This action wastes natural resources and prevents us from using valuable products again.  Recycling is up to you, so be a sport and sort!
When selecting a hauler you may consider the following:
  • Shop around and compare prices/services.
  • Work with neighbors to create a service area to be served by a single permitted hauler. Ask for several bids and pick the best for your community. There may be cost savings!
  • County staff can assist neighborhoods and HOAs in preparing a contract to hire a refuse hauler to service your entire neighborhood or community. 

If your hauler fails to provide trash or recycling removal services, call the company directly to report the problem. You can find the appropriate phone number on the side of your trash receptacle, monthly bill or the Refuse Hauler list. If the hauler fails to respond, you may request assistance through a Refuse Hauler Complaint Form.  


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