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Neighborhood Services
Complaint Form for Property Violations


  • Please use this form to report a neighborhood issue or complaint covering any of the issues listed below.

  • For instances where graffiti or overcrowding are the ONLY issues you have observed please use the separate graffiti and overcrowding forms.

  • If the specific issue is not listed, please enter that under “If other, enter violation:” and provide specifics.

  • Please enter the precise address where the issue is occurring. We cannot begin a case for investigation without a precise address.

  • If you are having difficulty determining an exact address for your reported concern try using the County Mapper program available to all citizens. Type in the name of a nearby street and use the 'hand' symbol on the map that appears to pan the view to a spot near the precise location where you spotted the violation. The Mapper program will display a valid address which you can then enter on this form. Thanks for your effort!

* NOTE: Freedom of Information Act exemptions allow for Zoning and Uniformed Statewide Building Code complainant information to be kept confidential.  Complainant information on Tall Grass, Illegal Roadside Signs and Graffiti cases are not exempt, however, this information is NOT provided unless formally requested. 


 Complaint Form for Property Violations

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* Denotes Required Fields - Please note, we do not process anonymous complaints.

If you have a digital image that would help in the investigation, we would appreciate your assistance. Please do not step onto the property belonging to others to obtain photos. (The maximum size for an attached photo must be 1.5MB.) You can email additional photos by replying to the confirmation email you will receive from us.
Attach a Digital Photo: 

Tracking Your Complaint

If your complaint is such that a Property Code Enforcement case is opened, you will be able to check the progress of the case on the Prince William County website. Instructions are sent, along with your case number, to complainants who provide a valid e-mail address.


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