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Public Safety Communications
Compliment/Complaint Procedure

Compliment Procedure

The Office of Public Safety Communications is committed to providing the public with professional public safety services. We always strive to perform our duties with acceptance, understanding and approval.  If you would like to compliment a Public Safety Communications employee for work considered worthy of recognition, please use the contact information below.

Once your compliment has been received, it will be documented and conveyed to the employee and their  supervisors.  A copy of the compliment will also be placed in the employee’s personnel service record.  Our employees sincerely appreciate positive feedback from the citizens they serve.

Complaint Procedure

It is the policy of the Office of Public Safety Communications to accept and investigate all complaints or allegations of misconduct on the part of any employee.  In doing so, the agency will endeavor to be fair to both the complainant and the employee(s) involved.  Once your complaint has been received it will be investigated according to appropriate procedures and you will be notified of the results.  The Office of Public Safety Communications encourages the filing of legitimate complaints as a means to hold the agency and its employees accountable to the public.  However, any false, misleading and/or malicious allegations may result in civil and/or criminal sanctions.

Your contact can be made in writing, by telephone, by fax, or in person to any communications supervisor or to the address and phone number below.

Director Eddie L. Reyes
Office of Public Safety Communications
3 County Complex Court
Prince William, VA 22192-9201
Fax: 703-792-7149
(non-emergency): 703-792-6500

The annual statistical summaries of complaints per 1,000 E-911 calls received:

FY 2015                 .04%

FY 2016                 .04%

FY 2017                 .03%

FY 2018                 .03%

FY 2019                 .05%

FY 2020                 .05% 

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests

Virginia Freedom of Information Act
Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council

FOIA requests, which pertain to the retrieval of documents or records, are processed by the Prince William Police Department's Office of Professional Standards.  These requests can be submitted to the department in person, by mail or in email form.  FOIA requests will be accepted by the department from any citizen of the Commonwealth of Virginia, any representative of print media with a publication in the state and any representative of television or radio media broadcasting in or into the state.

FOIA requests should be as detailed as reasonably possible and outline the specific information and/or records you are seeking to obtain.  The department is not required to make a new record in response to any FOIA request.  Requests in written or email form will be accepted and forwarded for processing when received Monday through Friday (except holidays) during normal business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Please note that there are requirements which are necessary in order to submit a request and that certain records may be exempt under VA FOIA.  A link to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act is provided above which provides additional information on these exemptions and requirements.  The department is also allowed to charge a reasonable cost associated with VA FOIA requests and the payment may be required before the request is fulfilled.  In person or mail:

Prince William County Police Department
ATTN: Office of Professional Standards, FOIA Request
5036 Davis Ford Rd, Prince William, VA 22192

Email:, "FOIA Request" is suggested for the subject line of the email.


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