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Police Department
School Resource Officer Program

School Resource Officers (SROs) represent the Department's commitment to community policing through an innovative partnership with Prince William County Schools. The SROs mentor County youth during the school day and well beyond it by coaching at their respective schools, working with various student groups after school, and attending evening functions.

The SROs counsel students as well. If a student is having problems at home, in the community, or in the school building, SROs are there to listen, to provide information on helpful County resources, and to be a fair and impartial advocate for doing the right thing for everyone involved. Their law enforcement mission – carried out through mentoring, counseling, and investigation, if needed – is to ensure the safest possible environment for everyone in the school building.

Direct any questions about the program to the following Youth Services Bureau supervisors:

  • Lieutenant S.B. Ash, 703-792-7275 (commander)
  • First Sergeant K. Mercer, 703-792-5590 (eastern Prince William County)
  • Sergeant E.G. Udell, 703-792-4413 (eastern Prince William County)
  • First ​Sergeant D.J. Murphy, 703-792-4419 (western Prince William County)
  • Sergeant D.M. Sullins, 703-792-7244 (western Prince William County)

To view the School Resource Unit organization chart, please click here.

The following is a list of School Resource Officers along with their assigned schools and numbers for the 2019-2020 school year:

​Prince William County Public Schools (eastern PWC)

​School Name​School Resource Officer​School Phone Number
​Colgan HSOfficer A.F. Lunders​​571-374-6394
Freedom HS​Officer C.P. Cramer​571-298-0883
Forest Park HS​Officer A.E. Shore​571-589-3554
Gar-Field HSOfficer J.C. Trujillo​​571-298-0607
Hylton HS​Officer J.T. Obuabang​703-586-9809
Potomac HS​Officer M.R. Langsam​703-441-4253
Woodbridge HSOfficer C.B. LaFarree​​571-492-3564
Benton MSOfficer R.A. Fontenot​703-791-0727
Beville MSOfficer K.W. Prince​703-878-2593
​Fred Lynn MSOfficer G.N. Diaz​703-494-5157
Graham Park MS​Officer  T.L. Gasiorowski​703-221-2118
Hampton MSOfficer M.Y. Armstrong703-670-6166​
Lake Ridge MSOfficer T. Pharaphan​703-494-5154
Potomac MSOfficer B.J. Rolle​703-221-4996
Rippon MS​Officer L.A. Zamora​703-491-2171
Saunders MS​Officer T.M. Reimard​703-670-9188
Woodbridge MSOfficer A.J. Wrighten​703-494-3181


prince William county public Schools (western PWC)

School Name​School Resource Officer​School Phone Number
Battlefield HSOfficer K.S. Sheldon571-261-4400
Brentsville HS​Officer M.A. Scarsella​703-594-2161
Osbourn Park HS​Officer B.T. Ware703-365-6500
Patriot HS​Officer B.A. Eyler​703-594-3059
Stonewall HS​Officer M.J. Armstrong​571-598-3185
Bull Run MSOfficer S.K. Khalid​703-753-9969
Gainesville MSOfficer F.T. Johnson​703-753-2997
Marsteller MS​Officer D.W. Lewis​703-393-7608
Nokesville School​Officer W.E. Whited​571-781-3040​
Parkside MSOfficer M.W. Martz​​703-361-3106
Reagan MS​Officer W.S. Kiefer​571-402-3500​
Stonewall MSOfficer A.J. Higgs​703-361-3185


Prince William county public schools (Alternative Schools)

​School Name​School Resource Officer​School Phone Number
Independence Nontraditional

Officer R.M. Ellis

Officer R.L. Johnston


PACE WestOfficer F.T. Johnson*​571-402-3700
Pennington School​Officer B.T. Ware*​703-369-6644
Porter Traditional​Officer L.A. Zamora*​703-580-6501

*Some officers are responsible for more than one school; their primary assignment is listed and their secondary assignment will be noted with an asterisk (*). Any officer assigned to a third assignment will be noted with a double asterisk (**). 

Updated: August 8, 2019


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