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Police Department
October is Crime Prevention Month: Store Firearms Safely!

Prince William County, VA…  October is national Crime Prevention Month and the Prince William County Police Department reminds owners of firearms to be responsible and help prevent crimes by safely storing them.

Responsible gun owners use firearms safely and understand that firearm safety should be a priority to better protect our children, prevent avoidable injury, and keep our communities safe.

Here are some tips to help firearms owners safely store them:

  • Store unloaded firearms in a locked cabinet, safe, gun vault or storage case.
  • Thoroughly check firearms to confirm that they are unloaded when you remove them from storage.
  • Store ammunition in a locked location separate from firearms.
  • Use gun locking devices that render firearms inoperable and can be used in addition to locked storage. If firearms are disassembled, parts should be securely stored in separate locations.

If you choose to keep a firearm for home security, your objective should be to create a situation in which the firearm is readily available to you, yet inaccessible or inoperative to others.

As a reminder, do not leave firearms unsecured in parked vehicles whether it is for a few minutes or overnight and regardless of whether your vehicle is parked in your driveway, your garage, or in front of your residence. Locking the doors on your vehicle does not constitute secure firearm storage. Bring the firearm inside and secure it the proper way.

As a responsible gun owner always remember this rule: Your firearm must always be under your control. When it is not, it should be placed in locked storage and out of sight.

National Crime Prevention Month brings awareness to County residents of how to work with police to avoid becoming the victim of a crime. For more information, call the Crime Prevention Unit at 703-792-7270.


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