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Crime Mapping

The Police Department provides residents and business owners the ability to look into crime that occurs in their community and neighborhoods through, formerly known as We encourage users to read the below information before beginning their search on the website.

Residents and business owners who visit the site can search by typing in an address in the search bar. Once the map displays, users can select which incidents to show and when, including a date range and/or day of the week. The information that will display includes general location (usually the hundred block), incident type, date and time, and the case or report number. Although, more specific information about listed crimes will not be displayed through the site, community members who have concerns about a particular incident can contact the Public Information Office at 703-792-5123 with the case or report number for reference. Specific victim information is never released to the public and certain incidents may not be displayed if the disclosure has the potential to jeopardize an active or ongoing investigation. The user also has the ability to include Sex Offender Registry information. In order to create an "incident alert", users will need to sign-up through the site and follow the online instructions.

Data displayed on the map is uploaded daily from the Police Department's Record Management and Computer-Aided Dispatch systems (RMS/CAD). It is important to note that, since investigations are active and ongoing, incidents types may change over time. Data uploaded to the site for incidents is available for the most recent 12 months.

An important feature of the site is the ability to register your camera. This is completely voluntary and is a decision made by the user. By providing the Police Department with the location of your camera, you can help us solve and deter crime quicker and potentially catch criminals faster.

To learn more about crime mapping offered in Prince William County, please visit their website at

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