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Small Area Plan: Route 29


This small area plan is an update to a portion of the existing I-66/Route 29 Sector Plan, which is a plan to address the specific land use needs and opportunities near the I-66 and U.S. Route 29 interchange. A small area plan offers an opportunity to revisit the existing plan for this area and establish a small area plan with a single vision and implementation plan with actionable steps toward coordinating existing and planned development to this gateway to the County.


Community Comments

Project Methodology

The Small Area Plan process consists of the following tasks:

Task 1: Conduct Background Research (Complete)

  • Review existing documents, studies/reports, Comprehensive Plan elements, and the Zoning Ordinance
  • Conduct site analysis including site visits, constraints identification, and mapping

Task 2: Hold Preliminary Stakeholder Meetings (Complete)

Meet with County agencies, external agencies, and other stakeholders to collect additional background information 

Link to notes from stakeholder meetings:

Task 3: Hold a Public Town Hall Visioning and Design Charrette (Complete)
  • Introduce the small area plan project and charrette process
  • Conduct SWOT & TOWS analysis for the development of the vision, goals, objectives, and design guidelines
  • Conduct an exercise exploring the site analysis of existing conditions including assets and liabilities in the study area
  • Conduct a visioning exercise to create goals and objectives 
  • Draft plan alternatives
  • Identify common themes

Task 4: Draft Document (Active Task)

Staff will draft the plan based on the findings of the background research, stakeholder meetings, town hall meetings, and charrette with particular emphasis on:

  • (Previously Considered) Draft - Option A:  Down plan Land Use and Road Network
  • (Previously Considered) Draft - Option B:  Down plan Land Use and Road Network (with the exception of Old Carolina, which leaves the existing thoroughfare classification, but substitutes a narrower right-of-way section)
  • (Previously Considered) Option C:  Take No Action and Leave Existing Plan As Is (no change to existing land use or transportation plan)
  • Strategic plan implementation
  • Design guidelines
  • Economic development analysis
  • Implementation and phasing plan
  • Conduct a Visual Preference Survey, (VPS), in order to help establish design objectives/guidelines. Potential VPS topics may include:
    • Architecture/Density
    • Streetscapes
    • Sidewalks and Trails including bicycles
    • Public/Open Spaces
    • Parking
  • Draft Document (Last Revised 2/5/2021)

Task 5: Hold a PC Work Session (Complete)

Task 6: Hearing Process

Planning Commission Hearing

February 17, 2021 - Recommended approval with the following conditions: 

  • Change the transect density in the Neighborhood designations in the Plan from the T-3 to T-2
  • Plan Old Carolina Road as a 2-lane major collector
  • Correct all notation in the Plan in reference to the downplanning proposed
  • Extend the western Neighborhood node, located at the intersection of Route 29 and Old Carolina Road, further west along Route 29 represented by the hatched area in the below graphic:

Previous Planning Commission Public Hearings

  • December 16, 2020 - Original scheduled date, however at the December 9, 2020 meeting, the Planning Commission deferred this case to Date Certain of February 17, 2021
  • September 18, 2019 - Deferred to Date Uncertain

Board of County Supervisors Hearing

  • TBD

Benefit to Prince William County

This project will have the opportunity to address Prince William County's Strategic Plan goals and identify necessary improvements to the multi-modal transportation network, as well as provide economic development analysis. The small area plan will contain recommendations on how to improve the strategies, land use regulations, and incentives for development, increased private sector investment, and improved transportation infrastructure. 

Questions or comments?

Please note that under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, comments, including any personally identifiable information that is included in the comments, are subject to public inspection.

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