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Planning Pending Cases and Development Application Processing Schedule (DAPS)

NEW Development Application Processing Schedule (DAPS) and changes to the Pending Cases web page

The Development Application Processing Schedule (DAPS) report has a new improved format!

The new version of DAPS is available here with a brief summary of the changes below:

  • The report has been consolidated into one report so that cases are not duplicated in different sections of the report.  Previously, a case could show up twice, in the “Cases with PC Action” report and in the “Board Scheduled” report.
  • Cases are now sorted by status to easily discern where the case is in the process.
  • All cases have the same columns of information.
  • Only the primary Grid Parcel Identification Number (GPIN) is shown to reduce the report size by not listing every parcel in the application.
  • Some columns were removed to make the report more concise.
  • All case types will remain on the report for 60 days after the final action before no longer being displayed.
  • More web links are provided in the report:
    • to case information in ePortal;
    • to email the Case Planner and Planning Tech, and;
    • to the ePortal Calendar.
  • Additionally, a Microsoft Excel version is being developed that allows for complete control to sort, group by field, or other Excel commands. The spreadsheet version is still being developed and will be added to the web page in a few weeks.

The Planning Pending Cases Map on this page has been removed but is still available in the Prince William County Map Gallery.

  • Search capabilities include:
    • by Case Name
    • by Case Type
    • by Case Number
    • by Case Status
    • by Magisterial District
  • Clicking on a case will open a "pop-up" window that provides information about the case with links to ePortal and the staff report when it is available.
  • The map can be used to research and review the cases currently being processed by the Planning Office. Cases are displayed on the map for 30 days after final action on the case.
  • Note: The interactive map does not include cases that are county-wide or not site-specific. These types of cases include:
If you would like to submit a comment on a specific pending case click here.
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Questions or comments?  
  • Email:
  • Phone: 703-792-7615
  • Fill out the Planning Comment Form
  • Please note that under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, comments, including any personally identifiable information that is included in the comments, are subject to public inspection.


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