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Inclusion Services​

The Prince William County Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism is committed to serving the needs of everyone in the community through inclusive programming, providing an atmosphere in which persons with and without disabilities can interact, play, and socialize with their peers in an all-inclusive, supportive environment.

If you believe your child may require modifications or additional support during Summer Camp Programs please use the forms at the bottom of this page.

To Request Inclusion Services:

  • We ask that an inclusion request be submitted twenty one (21) business days prior to the start of a program to allow for adequate time to assess the request.
  • Fill out the Inclusion Request Form at the bottom of this page or Contact the ADA Coordinator.
  • Once a request is received, the ADA Coordinator will contact you to discuss your needs or the needs of your child and develop an inclusion plan.
  • If a request is received less than twenty one (21) business days before the start of the program, all attempts will be made to accommodate the requests, but are not guaranteed.

For the safety and enjoyment of all participants, we have established basic participation skills required of each participant in order to take part in a Department of Parks and Recreation Program.  Participants must be able to meet these standards with minimal assistance.  If your child would require additional assistance and/or modifications to meet these participating skills, then an inclusion request should be completed.

      • Actively participate in planned activities for the duration of the program
      • Be able to function within a 1:15 staff to participant ratio
      • Will not require one-on-one supervision
      • Able to understand, follow and accept directions
      • Takes turns and shares in a cooperative manner
      • Respect others and their property
      • Able to stay with his/her assigned group
      • Able to maintain self-control
      • Must be able to maintain personal care i.e. eat, clothe and function independently

Therapists or Personal Attendants

If your child is currently working with a therapist or personal attendant and you are requesting that they accompany your child to camp on one or more days, please complete a Program Visitation Request Form and submit to the ADA Coordinator 21 days prior to the requested visit date.

Please note:

  • Therapists and Attendents must have documentation that they have passed a criminal background check as well as a Central Registry Check in order to enter the camp/program.
  • Due to capacity reasons within a camp, visitation may be denied and/or alternates dates and times will be considered and agreed upon.


Additional Information and Forms​

If you are requesting any type of modification for your child, please submit the inclusion request form to:

Veronica Laughman, CTRS
ADA Coordinator



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