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Vehicle Assessment Appeal

High Mileage 

The assessed value of a vehicle with high mileage is reduced using the indicated mileage adjustment from the NADA Official Used Car Guide (see chart below for minimum mileage as of January 1, 2021). If the vehicle was reduced for high mileage in a prior year, the adjustment is automatically carried forward and noted on the billing statement.  

To apply for a high mileage adjustment, please submit a copy of a recent State Safety Inspection receipt, oil change, repair receipt or similar document which identifies the mileage, along with a copy of your vehicle registration or tax billing statement.

To estimate the mileage as of January 1, 2021, add or subtract 1,250 miles per month from the actual mileage shown on the document submitted. 

Submit high mileage documentation in by mail or online.  

Tax Administration Division
Prince William County
PO Box 2467
Woodbridge, VA 22195-2467 

Online at 
To submit the mileage information online you must first create a portal account or log in to an existing portal account.

Minimum Mileage for High Mileage Adjustments  

To qualify, vehicle mileage as of January 1, 2021, must be:   

  • 2021 model year vehicle -    10,001 miles or more
  • 2020 model year vehicle  -   20,001 miles or more
  • 2019 model year vehicle  -   35,001 miles or more
  • 2018 model year vehicle  -   45,001 miles or more
  • 2017 model year vehicle  -   60,001 miles or more
  • 2016 model year vehicle  -   70,001 miles or more
  • 2015 model year vehicle  -   85,001 miles or more
  • 2014 model year vehicle  -   95,001 miles or more
  • 2013 model year vehicle  - 105,001 miles or more
  • 2012 model year vehicle  - 120,001 miles or more
  • 2011 model year vehicle  - 130,001 miles or more
  • 2010 model year vehicle  - 140,001 miles or more
  • 2009 model year vehicle  - 150,001 miles or more
  • 2008 model year vehicle  - 155,001 miles or more
  • 2007 & older model year vehicles  - 165,001 miles or more

The mileage we record in our system for your vehicle will be adjusted to 1/1/2021 by adding 1,250 miles per month if the date on your documentation of mileage is before 1/1/2021 or subtracting 1,250 miles per month if the date on your documentation of mileage is after 1/1/2021.

Vehicle Assessment Appeal (Other Than High Mileage) 

Code of Va. Section 58.1-3503 requires localities to value vehicles as of January 1 using a recognized pricing guide. This method ensures uniformity and equity. The use of individual vehicle sales or trade-in offers as a basis for assessment is not a valid reason for appeal. 

An appeal of the assessed value can be filed if the condition of the vehicle is such that it had major structural or mechanical damage existing on January 1, or if the vehicle has identifiable devaluing conditions that reduce the value of the vehicle to less than the assessed value. The taxpayer under law has the burden of proof to substantiate the value. 

To file an appeal, please complete the appeal form and return the form and required documentation by mail to 

Tax Administration Division
Prince William County
PO Box 2467
Woodbridge, VA 22195-2467

Appeal of Vehicle Assessment Form



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