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Current Road Projects

The Prince William County Department of Transportation implements road projects that have been approved by the Board of County Supervisors. Projects are selected on a priority basis to improve road safety and to reduce traffic congestion. County voters also approve projects as part of a road bond referendum. Voter approval allows the County to sell bonds in order to establish funding for projects. Projects are suggested by citizens,  Board of County Supervisors, the Police Department, and County staff. Each project is selected based on improvements to road safety and traffic congestion issues.



 brentsville magisterial District

Burwell Road 

The Burwell Road/Fitzwater Drive Improvements project included paving Burwell Rd from the existing paved road to the Fauquier County line and the construction of safety and intersection improvements at the intersection of Burwell Road and Fitzwater Drive. The project was completed in Fall 2019.


Discovery Boulevard Extension- Thomasson Barn Road Extension

This project involved the designed and constructed the extension of Discovery Boulevard approximately 1,600 feet from the existing terminus to Hornbaker Road.  The project also included a five-foot wide sidewalk on the north side to connect Discovery Boulevard to Hornbaker Road. The project was completed in 2019.


 Innovation Pedestrian Improvements

This project constructed trails/sidewalks in Innovation Science and Technology Park to complete missing segments along University Boulevard, Innovation Drive, Discovery Boulevard. Project was completed October 2020.


Route 28, Phase II (Realigned Vint Hill Road to Fitzwater Drive)

This project widened Route 28 to a four-lane divided facility from realigned Vint Hill Road to Fitzwater Drive (approximately 2.2 miles).  The project included pedestrian facilities, traffic signals, retaining walls, bridge replacement, and storm water management improvements.


Route 28, Phase III (Linton Hall Road to Pennsylvania Avenue)

This project includes widening 1.4 miles of Route 28 from a four-lane undivided roadway to a six-lane divided roadway. Major project features include roadway widening, storm drainage improvements, stormwater management facilities, pedestrian facilities, traffic signals, utility improvements, City of Manassas water main improvements, and construction modifications to the Route 28 bridge over Broad Run.


Vint Hill Road Extension (Sudley Manor Drive to Garry Glen Drive)

This project includes the widening of existing Vint Hill Road to a four-lane roadway with curb and gutter between Sudley Manor Drive and adding a sidewalk on the one side of Garry Glen Drive, widening Kettle Run Road and adding a sidewalk on the west side, along routes that are existing, and proposed water transmission facilities of the City of Manassas (City).


Intersection Improvements at Prince William Parkway and University Boulevard

This project constructs intersection improvements at Prince William Parkway and University Boulevard (Quadrant Road Intersection).

A public information Meeting was held on May 20, 2019.  To view the meeting details, please click the link below:

Prince William Parkway and University Boulevard Presentation.pdf

Prince William Parkway and University Boulevard Comment Sheet.pdf

Prince William Parkway and University Boulevard Quadrant Road Intersection Brochure.pdf

PIM Advertisement 5-20-19_V1 (005).pdf

Copy of PIM comments for discussion and resolution final version 8-29-19.pdf


University Blvd (Combined Set).pdf

University Blvd Public Information Meeting June 2019 (Draft).pdf

University Color Aerial Rollplot 2Lane with Devlin.pdf

113198 - PIM Presentation-University Boulevard Extension.pdf

113198 - PIM Brochure Final- University Boulevard Extension.pdf

113198 - PIM Comment Sheet- University Boulevard Extension.pdf

113198 - Public Information Meeting - RDA Comment Responses.pdf

113198 - PH Presentation- University Boulevard.pdf

113198 - PH Brochure- University Boulevard.pdf

113198 - PH Comment Sheet-University Boulevard.pdf

UPC 113198 Public Hearing Transcript.pdf

UPC 113198 Public Hearing Transcript (Citizen Comment Responses Only).pdf


Balls Ford Road Interchange

This project will provide a new grade-separated interchange at Route 234 (Prince William Parkway) and relocated Route 621 (Balls Ford Road), that will include a bridge crossing the existing Norfolk Southern Railroad.  In addition, the project will construct a relocated Balls Ford Road as a new four-lane facility with a raised median between Delvin Road and Doane Drive.


Balls Ford Interchange - PH Brochure (2).pdf

Balls Ford Interchange - Public Hearing Comment Form.pdf

6234-076-266 C501__Combined Plan- Part 1.pdf

6234-076-266 C501__Combined Plan- Part 2.pdf

Balls Ford Interchange - Exhibit Board 1_No Aerial Background.pdf

Balls Ford Interchange - Exhibit Board 2_No Aerial Background.pdf

Balls Ford Interchange - Exhibit Board 3_No Aerial Background.pdf

Balls Ford Interchange - Exhibit Board 4_No Aerial Background.pdf

Balls Ford Interchange - Exhibit Board 5_No Aerial Background.pdf

Balls Ford Interchange - Exhibit Board 6_No Aerial Background.pdf

Balls Ford Interchange - Exhibit Board 7_No Aerial Background.pdf

Balls Ford Interchange - Exhibit Board 8_No Aerial Background.pdf

Balls Ford Interchange - Exhibit Board 9_No Aerial Background.pdf

Balls Ford Interchange - Exhibit Board 10_No Aerial Background.pdf

Balls Ford Road Widening

This project will widen Balls Ford Road to a four-lane section from Groveton Road to Route 234 Business.  The scope of this project includes the widening of this section of Balls Ford Road to a four-lane divided roadway with a 16-foot wide median to add much needed capacity to the system: and the design of a ten-foot wide shared use path along with a five-foot wide concrete sidewalk along the north and south side of the road respectively.  The length of this project is approximately 2 miles.

PH Newspaper Advertisement Balls Ford.pdf 

Design plans can be found here  Balls Ford Road Public Hearing Plans VDOT Project No 0621-076-265 c501 - For Public Availibility.pdf

Design Public Hearing Documents

Balls Ford Widening Exhibit Board 1of5_36x60.pdf

Balls Ford Widening Exhibit Board 2of5_36x60.pdf

Balls Ford Widening Exhibit Board 3of5_36x60.pdf

Balls Ford Widening Exhibit Board 4of5_36x60.pdf

Balls Dord Widening Exhibit Board 5of5_36x60.pdf

Balls Ford Widening PH Brochure Comment Sheet.pdf

Balls Ford Widening PH Brochure.pdf

Balls Ford Widening Power Point Presentation.pdf

Devlin Road Widening (East)

This project is an extension and widening of Balls Ford Road through Devlin Road. The project will tie into planned intersection improvements at Devlin Road and University Boulevard. 

 Challenger Court

This project constructs an access road in Innovation Park.



Dumfries Road Sidewalk (Counselor Road to Tayloe Drive)

This project will construct approximately 800 feet of new sidewalk along the east side of Dumfries Road, connecting the Forest Park Mobile Home Community to the signalized intersection at Counselor Road.


 Route 234- Brentsville Road Interchange Project

This project construct an innovative interchange at Route 234 and Brentsville Road.

Public Information Meeting Virtual Presentation

Virtual Presentation Postcard Route 234-Brentsville Rd Interchange Project.pdf

News Ad - Virtual Presentation for Public Information and Comments on Route 234 - Brentsville Rd.pdf

Environmental Study Summary Document_Route 234-Brentsville Rd Interchange Project.pdf

Exhibit_Brentsville_PLAN _Route 234 Brentsville Rd Interchange.pdf

Exhibit_Brentsville_PLAN_BLOW UP Bridges _Route 234 Brentsville Rd Interchange.pdf

Exhibit_Brentsville_PLAN_BLOWUP 1 _Route 234 Brentsville Rd Interchange.pdf

Exhibit_Brentsville_PLAN_BLOWUP 2 _Route 234 Brentsville Rd Interchange.pdf

Exhibit_Brentsville_PLAN_BLOWUP 3 _Route 234 Brentsville Rd Interchange.pdf

Existing vs Proposed Routes _Route 234 Brentsville Rd Interchange.pdf

Virtual Presentation File _ Route 234 - Brentsville Interchange.pdf

Virtual Presentation Comment Sheet _ Route 234 - Brentsville Interchange.pdf

Saratoga Lane Improvements

This project will pave Saratoga Lane.

Lucasville Road Sidewalk Project

This project will construct approximately 140 feet of missing sidewalk north of Lomax Forest Drive.

Godwin Drive Sidewalk

This project will construct approximately 600 feet of missing sidewalk east of Lancaster Knoll Lane.


gainesville magisterial district        


Featherbed  Lane Paving

This project paved Featherbed Lane (Route 622) from the end of existing pavement approximately 0.56 miles north of Lee Highway (Route 29) to 130 feet south of Sudley Road (VA-234).  The length of the unpaved section of Featherbed Lane was 8,600feet / 1.61 miles.

Pageland Improvements Project

This project constructs a right turn lane and traffic signal at the intersection of Pageland Lane and Route 234 to improve safety and operations.

Old Carolina Road Project

This project constructs an asphalt trail on Old Carolina Road to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety.

Neabsco magisterial district      


Neabsco Mills Road Widening

This project widens Neabsco Mills Road from an existing two-lane roadway to a four-lane divided roadway with a raised median from Smoke Court to Jefferson Davis Highway, Route 1.  The project will also include a ten-foot shared use path and a five-foot sidewalk.

Neabsco Mills Road RW Phase Plans.pdf

Neabsco Roll Out Plot 2 13 2020.pdf


Smoketown Road/ Opitz Boulevard Pedestrian Improvements

This project is located at the intersection of Smoketown Road at Gideon Drive and Opitz Boulevard at Potomac Mills Road. The project included installing curb ramps, crosswalks, cut-through pathways at the channelizing islands and pedestrian signals. The proejct was completed on schedule and under budgeted in January 2021.

EN15 076 108_C501_Combined Set_rev 20200507.pdf

Gemini Way

This project improves the intersection of Gemini Way and Minnieville Road to improve access to the Dale City Commuter Lot. The project includes a 635 foot sidewalk on Minnieville Road.  


Occoquan magisterial district           


Old Bridge Road Sidewalk (Tacketts Mill to Minnieville Road)

This projects involves the design and construction of approximately 950 feet of new sidewalk located on the south side of Old Bridge Road from the entrance of the Tackett's Mill Shopping Center to Minnieville Road.

Mill Street Crosswalk and ADA Ramps

This pedestrian and bicycle project includes improving crosswalks and ADA ramps.

Mill Street Pedestrian Improvement Environmental Document.pdf

Mill Street Pedestrian Improvement Plans.pdf

This project will construct an access road between Summit School Road and Telegraph Road.

public Information presentation

Please click the link below to view the public information presentation for the summit school and telegraph road project

For more information please can be found here Summit School Extension Telegraph Road Project Postcard.pdf

Public Information Plan 1.pdf

Public Information Plan 2.pdf




Summit School Road_PM_Display_Board_02.pdf

Old Bridge Road-Occoquan Road Intersection Improvements

The $11.5 million project will make improvements to several hundred feet o the existing Old Bridge in each direction of the intersection. These enhancements are aimed at easing traffic congestion and improving vehicular and pedestrian safety adding a right turn lane, installing pedestrian crosswalks and ramps, and adding a new traffic signal.

Old Bridge Occoquan Road Exhibit 1.pdf

Old Bridge Occoquan Road Right of Way Impacts.pdf


potomac magisterial district         


Dumfries Road North Shared Use Path (Country Club Drive to Exeter Drive)

This project designed and constructed a ten-foot-wide asphalt shared use path from Country Club Drive to 240 feet south of Exeter Drive along the west side of Dumfries Road (Route 234).  The new path connects the existing shared use path at Country Club Drive with the existing shared use path south of Exeter Drive.

Dumfries Road Shared Path Ribbon Cutting.pdf

Fuller Heights Road
This project will widen Fuller Road which is the entrance road to serving the Quantico Marine Corps. Base, the Town of Quantico, and communities adjacent to the base. The improvements will involve the widening of the existing four-lane undivided section of a     four-lane divided section of roadway and the relocation of Fuller Heights Road east to provide for the maximum spacing between the intersections of Route 1 and Fuller Heights Road.

Fuller Road PAC Plans.pdf

Fuller Roll Plan_ROW.pdf


Maureen Caddigan Way (formerly Inn Street)

This project designed and constructed a two-lane roadway to connect Joplin Road and Jefferson Davis Highway.  The roadway improves overall operations and accessibility to properties at this location.

Maureen Caddigan Way Ribbon Cutting.pdf

 Van Buren Road Environmental Study

This project wil complete a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) study on Van Buren Road.

woodbridge magisterial district          


Blackburn Road Pedestrian Improvements

This project constructed a sidewalk/ multi-use trail from Route 1 to the newly constructed Neabsco Boardwalk across from Rippon Lodge.


 Rippon Landing Neighborhood Park Parking Lot

This project constructed a parking lot at Rippon Landing Neighborhood Park for visitors to the park, Neabsco Creek Boardwalk and Rippon Landing Historic Home.




 Opitz Boulevard Sidewalk

This project involved the design and construction of approximately 1,300 feet of sidewalk along the south side of Opitz Boulevard. The facility connects to an existing sidewalk on Potomac Center Boulevard, and to an existing sidewalk on Opitz Boulevard at the Potomac Library. The project was completed October 2020. 

Route 1- Featherstone to Marys Way

This project involves the widening of Route 1 from Marys ​Way to Featherstone Road from a four lane undivided highway to a six lane divided highway.  The total distance of the project will be 1.3 miles and will include the construction of a 1​0 foot wide multi-modal trail and a 5 foot wide sidewalk along the sides of the route.  


Southampton Street Sidewalk

This project constructed a sidewalk to provide safe pedestrian access from residential to commercial areas.

Annapolis Way

This project is a roadway improvement project to extend Annapolis Way to connect Route 1 to Route 123. The project also includes a design of extending the adjacent roadway of Marina Way and a Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) for North Woodbridge.


Various magisterial District          


Neabsco/Potomac Commuter Parking Garage

This project includes the construction of a 1,400 space garage within the vicinity of the Neabsco Mills Road Widening Project.  The construction of the garage will serve as a park and ride facility for commuters, relieving capacity at the Route 1/Route 234 park and ride lot.

View From Potomac Center Blvd-Commuter Garage.jpg

View NW River Rock Way-Commuter Garage.jpg

View from Bridge View Drive-Commuter Garage.jpg

Potomac Neabsco Commuter Garage Brochure 12.2.2019.pdf

Potomac Neabsco Commuter Garage Comment Sheet 12.2.2019.pdf

Garage_Site Plan.pdf

PTCG Public Info Mtg.pdf

24x36_Exhibit Garage 01A_SITE RENDERING_high res.pdf

24x36_Exhibit Garage 02a_Perspective View.pdf

24x36_Exhibit Garage 02b_Perspective Views.pdf

24x36_Exhibit Garage 02c_Perspective Views.pdf

Exhibit Garage 06_VicinityMap.pdf

24x36_Exhibit Garage 04_Matrix.pdf

PWC Potomac TC Garage Mp4.mp4

Neabsco Potomac Commuter Parking Garage Public Information Meeting_Comment Responses.pdf

Public Information Meeting Comments and Responses_Neabsco Potomac Commuter Parking Garage 12.11.2019.pdf

Neabsco-Potomac Commuter Garage Environmental NEPA_CE.pdf


 Route 28 NEPA Study

The Route 28 Corridor Feasibility  Study evaluates alternatives to relieve congestion on Route 28 (Nokesville Road/ Center Street/ Church Street/Centreville Road) through the City of Manassas, the City of Manassas Park, and the Yorkshire area of Prince William County and select a preferred alternative to be included in the County's long range plans as well as Smart Scale prioritization consideration. The partnering jurisdictions are Prince William County, Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, and City of Manassas.  For more information about the Route 28 Corridor Feasibility Study, please













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