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Fast Facts


                                          Prince William County           



​Total Area (land & water): 348.5 sq. miles
County Boundaries & Water Features: Eastern border: Potomac River, NE border: Occoquan River/Reservoir & Occoquan Bay, N-NW border: Bull Run, SE border: Chopawamsic Creek
​Major Parks and Natural Lands: Manassas National Battlefield Park (Northwestern PWC), Prince William Forest Park (Southeastern PWC), Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge (Eastern PWC), Locust Shade Park (Southeastern PWC), Ben Lomond Regional Park (Northwestern PWC), Dove's Landing (mid-county), Silver Lake Regional Park (Western PWC), James S. Long Regional Park (Western PWC), Andrew Leitch Park (Eastern PWC).
Bordering Counties and Cities​ Clockwise from the North: Fairfax County (N,NE), Manassas Park City (N), Manassas City (Central), Charles County, MD (E), Stafford County (S), Fauquier County (W-SW), Loudoun County (N-NW)​ ​

Combined Statistical Area (CSA): Washington-Baltimore-Arlington, DC-MD-VA-WV-PA (548)

Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA)​: Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV MSA (47900)

Metropolitan Division: Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV (47894)

U.S. Census Statistical Area Delineation Files

Prince William CountyD.C. Metro1VirginiaUnited States
​Total Population2465,346--6,216,589 8,470,020 325,719,178 
Population Density (ppl per sq. mi.)1,383.3--​1,110.4 214.5 92.2 
​Median Age34.4--36.5 37.8 37.7 
Under 18​128,91227.7%1,440,60023.2%1,889,48922.3%74,682,30222.9%
65 and Over​40,7128.7%738,29511.9%1,202,64314.2%48,433,46114.9%
White (non-Hispanic)​207,61944.6%2,877,21346.3%5,304,13762.6%200,175,31861.5%
Black (non-Hispanic)​94,10920.2%1,546,34724.9%1,595,68718.8%40,024,85312.3%
Asian (non-Hispanic)​37,4048.0%613,8939.9%522,5006.2%17,239,0755.3%
Some other race (non-Hispanic)​1,4010.3%21,3940.3%20,8380.2%725,9400.2%
​Two or more races (non-Hispanic)18,8584.1%193,1263.1%245,6602.9%7,560,7362.3%
​Hispanic or Latino (of any race)104,31122.4%949,46515.3%758,7819.0%57,340,57317.6%
​Foreign Born108,89423.4%1,405,93822.6%1,027,59212.1%43,660,10513.4%
Speak English less than "very well"54,64911.7%606,2469.8%460,6695.4%26,031,2228.0%

Prince William CountyD.C. Metro1VirginiaUnited States
Households4147,584 2,203,717 3,120,880 120,062,818 
Avg. Household Size​3.06 2.76 2.62 2.63 
​Avg. Family Size3.65 3.37 3.17 3.24 
​Married-Couple Households89,65860.8%1,090,16149.5%1,578,41150.6%58,057,46548.4%
Married Household with Own Children under 18 Years47,86332.4%502,74022.8%639,53520.5%22,868,23719.0%
Householder with no Spouse Present, with Own Children under 18 Years13,3839.1%179,8888.2%265,7698.5%11,048,6539.2%



Prince William CountyD.C. Metro1VirginiaUnited States
Housing Units4154,812 2,354,827 3,512,917 137,407,308 
​Median Year Structures Built1991 1980 1981 1977 
1 Unit, Detached84,530 54.6%1,107,759 47.0%2,350,784 66.9%93,426,209 68.0%
1 Unit, Attached38,463 24.8%464,555 19.7%388,817 11.1%8,020,590 5.8%
2 or More Units31,867 20.6%781,865 33.2%772,125 22.0%35,843,833 26.1%
Median Value$358,300 $397,900 $255,800 $193,500 
Median Number of Rooms7.1 6.1 6 5.5 

Note: percentages for unit types may not add up to 100% due to rounding and the data excludes units such as boats, RVs, and vans.
Prince William CountyD.C. Metro1VirginiaUnited States
In Labor Force256,834 3,418,755 4,348,731 75,978,000 
Unemployment Rate 3.6% 3.4% 3.0% 3.8%
At-Place Employment129,442 3,133,386 3,871,561 145,156,467 
Establishments of Employment9,375 194,117 276,135 10,000,779 
​Median Household Income$101,059 $97,148  $68,766  $57,652  
​Individuals with Income Below Poverty Level31,9397.0%507,1338.3%920,31411.2%46,376,38614.6%



*These population estimates are from the Census Bureau's Population Estimates Program's (PEP) Annual Estimates of the Resident Population as of July 1, 2017.

1. "D.C. Metro" = Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), which includes numerous counties and independent cities in the region surrounding the District of Columbia.

2. The values in these tables were derived using a reverse calculation from percentages taken from the U.S. Census 2013-2017 American Community Survey (ACS) 5-Year Estimates. These percentages are then applied to the most up-to-date population and housing estimates from the Census Population Estimates Program (PEP) to yield the each value. For Prince William, these estimates are from the GIS Division.

3. Total population for Prince William County comes from the county's standard data dictionary (as of Quarter 4, 2018). The population estimates for the D.C. Metro and Virginia were obtained from the Census Bureau's Annual Estimates of the Resident Population as of July 1, 2017.

4. Total households and housing units for Prince William County come from the county's standard data dictionary (as of Quarter 4, 2018). Households and housing unit estimates for Virginia and the D.C. Metro were obtained from the U.S. Census 2017 American Community Survey (ACS) 1-Year Estimates.

5. The labor force value comes from a labor force participation rate of 75.3% from the Census ACS 2013-2017. The unemployment rate is also from the Census Bureau. At-place employment and establishments are for the year 2018 or averages of the latest quarters available in 2018. Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS): Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) & Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW). 


See Prince William County's Standard Data Dictionary for the county's official, detailed demographic database.


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