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Complete Map Product List

Products and Services

Mapping products and services may be purchased from the Geospatial Technology Services Customer Service Center located in the Development Services Building at 5 County Complex Court, Suite 140, Prince William, VA 22192. Our Customer Service staff members are ready to assist you with all of your mapping needs. Customers may contact us at 703-792-6840, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Prince William County Geospatial Technology Services accepts payments in the form of cash, check, Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

Products and Services cannot be delivered until payment is received (with exception of established account). Orders placed by USPS must include customer contact information. We will not process orders placed by mail until order information can be verified and payment is received.

Note: Products and Pricing are subject to change. Virginia state sales tax not included in price shown.

Map information current as of 5/18/2018. For the most up to date maps, please contac our office.
​Parcel/GPIN Centered Map Product ​$ Price​Description
​GPIN Centered Map (This product will be discontinued as of June 30, 2021)
​1" = 100'/200'/500' Parcel map centered on one or more GPINS. May add all available layers at no additional cost.
​GPIN Centered with Aerial Imagery
(This product will be discontined as of June 30, 2021) 
​36.00​1" = 100'/200'/500' Parcel map centered on one or more GPINS.  Extra layers are available at no additional cost.
​Thematic Maps and Special Products $ ​Price​Description
​1901 Historic Map​13.00
​1" = 5280' map shows the streets and towns of the County as it existed in 1901.
1924 Landmarks Map​9.00
​​​1" = 5280' maps shows the historic landmarks
Maneuver Grounds

​6.00 (18x24)

9.00 (24x36)

Map shows military sites and trails taken by troops and equipment​.

​Long Range Land Use (Comprehensive Plan)​10.00 (1"= 5280')

13.00 (1" = 3000')

Maps component of Long Range Land Use Plan Chapter illustrating existing and potential development by land use classifications. Although it may be purchased separately, map cannot be interpreted independent of the Comprehensive Plan text.

2008 Comprehensive Plan Chapter Maps (includes Trails, Existing and Project Sanitary Sewers, Highly Sensitive Area and Registered Historic Sites, Highly Erodible Soils, Highly Permeable Soils, Existing and Project Potable Water Facilities, Resource Protection areas, 2030 Transit Improvements, Future Transit Alternatives, Thoroughfare Plan, Open Space and Corridors, Existing and Potential Wireless Sites)

All maps are 1" = 1 mile. Contact the Planning Office for more information.

​10.00 (1" = 5280)

13.00 (1" = 3000')

​​​This map shows various zoning classifications in the County. Individual parcels are shown on the 3000 scale map only.
Zoning Overlay Maps (includes Highway Corridor, Technology, Domestic Fowl, Airport Safety, Historic, Redevelopment Areas)


2.00 (Redevelopment Maps)

​Scales and Sizes vary. Click on the link provided to view copies of maps or Contact the Planning Office for more information.
Election Districts​10.00
1" = 5280' ​map showing the current Prince William County Election District Boundaries
​Individual Election District Maps




Show a detailed version of the selected magisterial/election district featuring roads, schools, police and fire stations, voting places, hospitals and libraries. Prices range from $1.00 to $10.75 depending on size and district
House of Delegates Districts​10.00
1" = 5280' ​map shows the 31st, 51st and 52nd House of Delegates district boundary lines on a full scale Prince William County Map
​Senate Districts​10.00
​1" = 5280' ​map shows the 28th, 29th, 26th and 29th Senate district lines
Congressional Districts
​1" = 5280' ​map shows the 1st, 10th, and 11th Congressional District boundary lines
​Base Map
​1" = 5280' map shows important features and locations throughout the County
​Index Map
​1" = 5280' map shows the County 5K and 10K grid overlay
Monumentation Map
​1" = 5280' map shows geodetic monuments within the County
Street Map

​1" = 5280' ​map shows the major roads in the County giving a basic overlay of County roads

Street Map Series 1 of 3
Street Map Series 2 of 3
Street Map Series 3 of 3


39.00/set of 3

​1" = 2000' detailed street maps. Three sheet set covers entire County
​Census Tracts ​10.00
​​1" = 5280' ​map shows 2010 census tract boundaries
Shaded Soils


1" = 5280' ​maps shows the different soil type

Agricultural and Forestal Districts

​1" = 5280' ​maps shows the districts that are zoned agricultural and/or forestal
Zip Codes
​1" = 5280' ​map shows the postal zip code boundaries



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