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Land Development Division
Design and Construction Standards Manual (DCSM)


The Prince William County Design and Construction Standards Manual (DCSM) has been developed and designated to assist the public with the policies and regulations that apply to land development in Prince William County. The provisions contained herein relate primarily to the requirements which apply to the review and approval of site development plans and plats, and construction in accordance with those plans.



Effective / Adopted / Updated

 Section 100

 General Information and Policies

Approved July 12, 2016
Effective July 12, 2016

 Section 200


 Adopted June 6, 2006

 Section 300

 Fire Safety Systems

 Adopted June 26, 2018

 Section 400

 Water Supply Systems

 Adopted June 6, 2006

 Section 500

 Sanitary Sewer Systems

 Adopted December 3, 2019

Effective February 3, 2020

 Section 600

 Transportation Systems

 Adopted June 26, 2018

Section 700
(Last Update Feb 3, 2020)
​ Environmental Systems 
 (Grading Floodplains Erosion & Sediment Control, etc.)

Minor Modifications - Sections 702.02, 702.04, and 711.01 – Effective February 3, 2020

Updated Section 730-Floodplan Management Regulations-Effective  August 3, 2015

Updated Section 700-Storm Water Management Regulations-Effective July 1, 2014

 Section 800

 Buffer Areas Landscaping & Tree Cover Requirements

 Amended January 16, 2018

 Section 900

 Parks & Schools

 Adopted June 6, 2006

 Section 1000

 Highway Corridor Overlay District Regulations

 Adopted July 15, 2014

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  • Administrative Procedures Manual: The Administrative Procedures Manual is normally sold in conjunction with the Prince William County Design and Construction Standards Manual. It contains administrative items and information pertaining to submissions and review of site or subdivision plans/plats submitted for review in Prince William County. Among the information contained in the manual is the minimum submission requirements review process and time frames required plan types permit types and procedures bond/escrow options etc. for land development in Prince William County.

  • DCSM Section 100 July 2016 changes see Attachment A & Attachment B.

  • Article IV - Stormwater Management Code (effective July 1, 2014).

  • Summary of DCSM Amendments from August 2006 until March 2014.


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