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ePortal FAQs


  What is ePortal?

ePortal is the customer access portion of our development management system that allows access to permits, inspections, plans, requests, and code enforcement.
Why do I have to register for ePortal?
Registering allows you to schedule or cancel an inspection, access information pertaining to your permits and plan cases, create a request or complaint, and allows residential trade contactors to apply for permits.
How do I register?
You log-on to the ePortal website, click on Register, and fill out the required fields.  After you click on Submit, you will need to call or email a customer representative at 703-792-6875 or and provide us with a list of cases you are associated with.  We will then link you to each of those cases.  See video and user guide for instructions.
Does it cost anything to register?
No, registering for an ePortal account is free.
Do ePortal accounts expire or have to be renewed?
No, once you register for an ePortal account, your account exists forever.  You will have to contact us if your personal information or license numbers need to be updated.  Please be aware that if you change your email address, then you have to create a new account.
Do we need to register per person or one account for the company?
You have a couple of options:

One company log-in that all employees share with one email address or Individual log-ins for each employee with separate email addresses

If you choose the individual log-in option, each employee will need to be linked to each case in order to see case information on their individual ePortal.

What can I access without an account?
You can search for status and other basic information on construction and land permits, search for a plan, view today’s inspections, and view the hearings and meetings calendar.
How do I schedule an inspection?
You can schedule an inspection either through the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) or ePortal:
If you use the IVR, you have to have a PIN number which we will provide to you.  If you do not have your PIN number, please contact the Call Center at 703-792-6875 or
If you use the ePortal, you have to have an account and your account has to be linked to your active permits.  See video and user guide for instructions.
How do I cancel an inspection?
You can cancel through either IVR or ePortal prior to 9pm the day prior to the scheduled inspection.  See video and user guide for instructions.
After 9pm, you must call 703-792-7006 to reach the inspections office.
Can I receive automatic updates?
Yes, as long as you provide a valid email address you can receive the following types of automatic updates on cases you are linked to:
Approved Plan Notification
Permit Issuance
Inspection Results
Notification if the Temporary Occupancy Permit is set to expire within five days
ePortal account approved
ePortal account password reset
How do I find out when my Inspector will be arriving?
You can check ePortal for today’s schedule of inspections and see where you fall on the list (example: 1 of 8; 4 of 12; etc.).  See video and user guide for instructions.
Can I check to see what fees I have due online?
Not at this time.
Can I pay fees online?
Not at this time.
Can I apply for permits online?
All residential trade contractors can apply for Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Gas, and Limited permits online.  See video and user guide for instructions. 


Still have questions?
Contact the project team staff at


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