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Adult Detention Center
Frequently Asked Questions
Below is a list of frequently asked questions with associated answers. If you have a question that is not on the list, call us at 703-792-6420 or send us an email. Click on the question to view its answer (below).


      Q. What happens when a person is committed to jail?

      A. After arrest, the person will be taken in front of a magistrate to determine the bail amount and whether he or she will be committed to jail or released on his or her own signature.

      The Intake section receives all inmates. Officers will inventory personal property and monies. Each inmate is searched to prevent the introduction of contraband into the facilities. All inmate property is taken and secured as part of the process. Any necessary hygiene items will be supplied by the facility. Other items may be purchased through the commissary. Items considered contraband such as cigarettes and alcohol will be destroyed upon admission, without exception.

      An inmate's personal property can be released with that inmate's authorization to the person of their choice. When releasing personal property, it is our practice to release all of the property.

      Intake staff provide initial medical and suicide screening, take photographs and a fingerprint for the purpose of identification, and assign initial housing in a receiving unit. Once received into the Adult Detention Center, inmates are afforded the opportunity to make three phone calls.

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      Q. When is court scheduled?

      A. On the next scheduled Court day the inmate will be taken in front of a judge for arraignment. This hearing determines if there is probable cause to continue detention. The judge may raise or lower the bond, release the person on his or her own recognizance or remand the inmate to jail without a bond. The judge also will appoint an attorney if a person cannot afford one. The courtroom for arraignments is located at the Prince William Judicial Complex, 9311 Lee Avenue, Manassas. Anyone may attend the hearing. In cases of extended holidays, a judge may come to the Magistrate's Office to hold these hearings. For all future Court dates, call Inmate Records at 703-792-6420.

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      Q. How do I get someone out of jail?

      A. If the inmate is not released on his or her own recognizance by the judge, and a bond amount is set, anyone may come to the Adult Detention Center, 9320 Lee Avenue, Manassas, to post bond. Bond may be posted in Court or at the Magistrate's Office in the form of cash, property or through a bonding company. For a list of Bail Bond companies, look under "Bail Bonds' in the yellow pages of the telephone book. No staff member of the Adult Detention Center can recommend a bail bonding company. If there is no bond allowed, only the judge who signed the warrant may set a bond.

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      Q. What happens if a person remains in jail?

      A. If the inmate is not released by the Court or bonded, he or she will be seen by the Classification Section within 72 hours. Classification conducts a face-to-face interview to ensure that medical, mental health and program needs will be met. The interview is performed to obtain prior criminal history, previous institutional behavior and other stability factors. Additional information including current address, education, employment, gang affiliation, enemies, aliases and emergency contact information is gathered. The inmate is given an orientation that includes issuance of the inmate handbook, visitor information, program availability and medical screening and access. The inmate’s custody level is established, which determines appropriate housing in the facility.

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      Q. What type of medical services are available to inmates?

      A. The Adult Detention Center has 24-hour medical coverage. Inmates receive a medical screening shortly after orientation. During their stay inmates may also request to see the facility physician, for which a co-pay is charged.

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      Q. May I call and speak to an inmate?

      A. Inmates may make an unlimited number of collect calls between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. No inmate may receive incoming calls. Emergency messages for inmates should be given to the Control Center Officer at 703-792-6420. All emergency messages are verified by staff before they are given to the inmate. If you do not wish to receive calls from an inmate, follow the instructions on the phone system, or contact Inmate Telephone, Inc. at 814-949-3303 or click here to visit the Inmate Telephone website. There is also a local Inmate Telephone Site Administrator who may be reached at 703-792-5414 to answer questions.

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      Q. How do I give money to an inmate?

      A. The Detention Center will only accept money orders for inmates. No cash or personal checks will be accepted. The inmate’s jail number should appear on all money orders, which must be made payable to the inmate. Money orders may be mailed to the inmate or placed in the drop box located in the lobby of the Central Jail at 9320 Lee Avenue, Manassas.

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      Q. How do inmates get legal assistance while in jail?

      A. Corrections staff may not provide legal advice or legal assistance to any inmate. Inmates must contact their Court-appointed or private attorney if they have questions about their cases. The Court-appointed attorneys have a phone line available so inmates may use the phone in their unit to call them. Inmates may also write letters to their attorneys. Staff can help inmates find out when their Court date is scheduled, what charges they face, addresses and telephone numbers of Court and other outside agencies, and their assigned judge and Court-appointed attorneys. Jail staff is not permitted to act as advocates for inmates. Most inmates are expected, and are responsible, for asking their own questions and handling correspondence with outside agencies and officials.

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      Q. What should I do if I believe an inmate is depressed or is contemplating suicide?

      A. Incarceration can be upsetting and difficult for many people. If you know someone in jail who feels anxious, depressed or suicidal, please call the Adult Detention Center immediately at 703-792-6420 and report the situation to staff.

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      Q. Who should I call if I am concerned that an inmate needs medical treatment?

      A. Contact the Medical Section at 703-792-6420. All inmates are asked about their medical problems shortly after their arrival. Inmates who remain in custody are given a physical examination. Inmates should advise the Medical office about any condition that requires medical attention. If an inmate feels sick or needs medical attention, he or she should complete a sick call slip, to be seen by clinic personnel. The Detention Center does charge for routine sick call issues.

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      Q. Can an inmate’s private physician see his/her patient while incarcerated?

      A. When a person is incarcerated, our medical director is solely responsible for the inmate’s care. The medical director may consult with an inmate’s private physician and other specialists, but all final treatment decisions rest with the detention center’s physician.

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      Q. If an inmate is taking medication prior to incarceration, will he or she be able to take those medications while incarcerated?

      A. Medications must be confirmed as current and valid prescriptions. Medical records may be requested, and the detention center’s physician will then determine if the medications will be continued.

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      Q. What is the scheduled release time of an inmate?

      A. Scheduled releases from the Adult Detention Center will begin at 7:30 a.m. each day. If an inmate is being released to another jurisdiction or facility or to the Department of Corrections the receiving agency must be contacted for information concerning the inmate.

      To inquire about inmates incarcerated within the Department of Corrections call 800-467-4943 or 804-674-3000.

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      Q. Immigration-Will the jail notify ICE if an immigrant is committed to the jail?

      A. On Wednesday, September 16, 2020 the Prince William-Manassas Regional Adult Detention Center Jail Board directed the ADC to notify ICE of the impending release of inmates subject to detainers only when the inmates have been charged with or convicted of felony violations. 

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