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Fire Marshal's Office
Use and Handling of Explosives

 Use and Handling of Explosives

Mixing Blasting Agents: Buildings or other facilities used for mixing blasting agents shall be located away from inhabited buildings passenger railways and public highways in accordance with Table F-2602.
Quantity of Mixing Agents: Not more than one (1) day's production of blasting agents or the limit determined by Table F-2602 whichever is less shall be permitted in or near the building or other facility used for mixed blasting agents. Larger quantities shall be stored in separate buildings or magazines.
Compounding Standards: Compounding and mixing of recognized formulations of blasting agents shall be conducted in accordance with nationally recognized good practice.
Ignition Protection: Smoking or open flames shall not be permitted within fifty (50) feet of any building or facility used for the mixing of blasting agents.
Un-packaging Tools: Tools used for opening packages of explosives shall be constructed on non-sparking materials.
Waste Disposal: Empty oxidizer bags shall be disposed of daily by burning in a safe manner in the open at a safe distance from buildings or combustible materials.
Packing Material Disposal: Empty boxes and paper and fiber packing materials which have previously contained high explosives shall not be used again for any purpose but shall be destroyed by burning at an approved isolated location out of doors and any person shall not be nearer than one hundred (100) feet after the burning has started. Explosives shall not be abandoned.
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