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Fire Marshal's Office
Requirements for Explosives and Blasting Agents

Requirements for Explosives and Blasting Agents

Manufacturing: The manufacturing of explosives or blasting agents shall be prohibited. This shall not apply to hand loading of small arms ammunition for personal use when not for resale.
Storage: The storage of explosives and blasting agents is prohibited within the limits established by law as the limits of the district in which such storage is to be prohibited, except for temporary storage for use in connection with approved blasting operations, provided; however, this prohibition shall not apply to wholesale and retail stocks of small arms ammunition, explosive bolts, explosive rivets or cartridges for explosive-actuated power tools in quantities involving less than five hundred (500) pounds of explosive material. The overnight storage of explosives or blasting agents shall be prohibited in all areas of Prince William County except by Special Use Permit, as defined in the Prince William County Zoning Ordinance with amendments.
Quantity Control: The fire official may limit the quantity of explosives or blasting agents to be permitted at any location.
Sale and Display: A person shall not sell or display explosives or blasting agents on highways, sidewalks, public property or in places of public assembly.
Reports: The Prince William County Fire Marshal's Office shall be immediately notified by telephone of the loss or theft of any explosives. A letter shall immediately follow this verbal notification to the Fire Marshal's Office giving complete details as to type, amounts, manufacturer and all other relevant facts.
If at any time explosives are found not properly stored in a magazine, it shall immediately be reported to the Prince William County Fire Marshal's Office who will take possession thereof for the purpose of safeguarding or disposal of such explosives.



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