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Fire Marshal's Office
Fireworks FAQs (Off-Season)

Use and Possession of Fireworks: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I know what fireworks are illegal?
A. All approved and legal fireworks are sold at approved stands. The list of approved (legal) fireworks is available here.
Q: Where do I turn in illegal fireworks?
A: Contact Prince William County Fire Marshal's Office at 703-792-6360.
Q: You state there are no questions asked when illegal fireworks are surrendered. If I have a stash of fireworks who do I contact to come and take them away?
A: Contact the Prince William County Fire Marshal's Office for disposal at 703-792-6360. Do not throw them in the garbage!
Q: If I call you to come out to my house and some of my fireworks are illegal will you give me a ticket?
A: No the fireworks can be voluntarily released to the Fire Marshal for disposal.
Q: What should I do if my guests bring fireworks from another state?
A: Please review the approved list and do not use fireworks that are not on the approved list.
Q: What is the penalty for the possession or use of illegal fireworks?
A: The possession or use of unlawful fireworks is classified as a Class I Misdemeanor punishable by a fine not to exceed $2500 and/or up to one (1) year in jail.
For additional information or further questions or concerns contact the Fire Marshal's Office at 703-792-6360.


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