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Fire and Rescue
Health and Safety
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Office of Health & Safety
The Office of Health and Safety is an integral and essential part in the overall Mission of the Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue. The Office of Health and Safety initiates and maintains complete accident/injury prevention and safety training programs.  Each member from the Chief to every recruit is responsible for the safety and health of those persons under their supervision and the personnel with whom they interact.  By accepting mutual responsibility to operate safely, we all contribute to the well being of all members. 
Mission Statement: We believe that each member has the right to a “Round Trip Ticket.” This means that our goal is that each member leaves the department in the same or better condition than when they entered. The prevention of occupational injury or illness will be given top priority at all times.
Purpose: The purpose of the Office of Health and Safety is to develop a high standard of safety throughout all aspects of the Prince William County Fire and Rescue Service and to ensure that all risks associated with the services provided by our members is minimized.  We will support all Divisions and the Fire & Rescue Association in matters pertaining to members’ health and safety.
Safety Officers: The primary role of all Safety Officers is to support the health and safety of all members.  Responsibilities include responding to all significant emergency incidents such as structure fires, heavy technical rescue, hazardous materials, mass casualty, water rescue, and any other incidents the safety officer deems appropriate. While each safety officer has responsibility for assigned programs, every safety officer shall have a working knowledge of all programs in an effort to provide maximum support to the department on a daily basis.


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