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Fire and Rescue 3rd Annual Medal Awards Ceremony
For Release
April 11, 2019

Prince William County Fire and Rescue System will hold its third annual Medal Day Ceremony honoring fire and rescue members for exemplary achievements and heroism.  The event will be held on Saturday, April 13th, at 10:00 a.m. at the A.J. Ferlazzo Building, 15941 Donald Curtis Drive in Woodbridge.  Assistant Chief Lance McClintock will preside over the ceremony. The public and media are welcome to attend this event or join us LIVE on Facebook

The fire and rescue members, recognized, exemplify the daily commitment to exceptional service to the citizens we serve.  The awards demonstrate the level of skill and valor with which we respond to each and every emergency call and how we continuously improve our service to the community and its residents. All of the award recipients have distinguished themselves in the performance of their duties. 

The following team members will be recognized:

Captain Brian FergusonTechnician II Daniel JacksonTechnician I Cody Durham
Captain Marcus SaagerTechnician II Greg KlatteTechnician I Kevin Ganssle
Lieutenant Todd BellTechnician II Cager MackaravitzTechnician I Kelly Hamner
Lieutenant Tom KlimtzakTechnician II Adam RennerTechnician I Chadd Holmes
Lieutenant William SandersonTechnician II Victor VegaTechnician I Shaun Kent
Technician II Anthony AquintoTechnician I Michael BakerTechnician I Zackery Markley
Technician II Christopher ClarkTechnician I Aldo BonillaTechnician I Neftali Mena
Technician II Aaron DillonTechnician I Michael ChergoskyTechnician I Brandon Simon

Battalion Chief Tom DennerTechnician II Andrew HaleTechnician I Chris Drago
Captain Scott ArftTechnician II Matthew HallTechnician I Cody Durham
Captain Carl EricsonTechnician II James HelmickTechnician I Joseph Felsentreger
Captain Brian FergusonTechnician II Jared JulianoTechnician I Samuel Field
Lieutenant Anthony AdamoTechnician II Christopher MillerTechnician I Nicholas Gonnella
Lieutenant Justin AntesTechnician II Stephanie MillerTechnician I Samuel Gorham
Lieutenant Jay BylerTechnician II Michael MountainTechnician I Andrew Gorman
Lieutenant Mike DeAtleyTechnician II Nick NurthenTechnician I Kurt Hagen
Lieutenant Josh DempseyTechnician II Shaun PoliteTechnician I James Klenk
Lieutenant Matt EckertTechnician II John RansoneTechnician I Russell Lane
Lieutenant Bob HowardTechnician II Adam RennerTechnician I Gabriel Lunders
Lieutenant Beth KenavanTechnician II Andrew SandersTechnician I Zackery Markley
Lieutenant Brian ReaderTechnician II Neil ShoultsTechnician I James Martin
Lieutenant William SandersonTechnician II April SpicerTechnician I Joseph O'Dell
Lieutenant Alex StephensonTechnician II Alex StephensonTechnician I John Payette
Lieutenant Kevin TobeyTechnician II Kyle Straker            Technician I Brian Pelletier
Lieutenant Ryan TolleyTechnician II Leonel TellerTechnician I Chet Prailey
Technician II Christian AllowayTechnician II Josh ThomsonTechnician I Ian Sheedy
Technician II Stephanie ButlerTechnician II Victor VegaTechnician I Bryan Smith
Technician II Joey BloedelTechnician I Asley AmezquitaTechnician I Ryan Turlik
Technician II Jemeel BradyTechnician I Emily BadenTechnician I Rodney Woodward
Technician II Keith Brock (Retired)Technician I Joel Bernardo 
Technician II Jeff ChapmanTechnician I Aldo BonillaDale City Volunteer Fire Department
Technician II Rob DimmelTechnician I Zach BurnetteRecruit Maryan Ahmed
Technician II Ben DraxlerTechnician I Michael ChergoskyLieutenant Thomas Mazzo
Technician II Michael FavoleTechnician I John CramseyTechnician Stacy Pyzowski
Technician II Peter FranciscoTechnician I Nathaniel DeghandFirefighter Brandon Taylor


Lieutenant Nick Feliciano       Technician II Chris Gott

Lieutenant Ken Zack       Technician I Asley Amezquita


Lieutenant Ryan Kirk


Captain Jonathan Newell     Farrah Large


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