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Fire and Rescue
Confined Space Rescue

Confined Space Rescue

In order to provide the citizens and professionals of Prince William County with the utmost safety, the Department of Fire and Rescue is highly trained in Confined Space Rescue.  Occupational Safety and Health Administration defines a Confined Space as an area which has limited egress, not intended for continuous occupancy and has the potential for a hazardous atmosphere.  Confined space rescue is provided to the county in conjunction with Dale City VFD. 
The County’s two Rescue Companies (504 and 510) are charged with handling confined space rescues with the support select Truck Companies (511, 512 and 513).  Their training and skills must always be current and done with perfection due to the drastic life hazard involved with these incidents. 
Many industrial settings lie within Prince William County.  These areas can provide a variety of hazardous conditions to the employees and to rescuers.  Such conditions include hazardous atmospheres, fall hazards, chemicals and the possibility of entrapment.  These conditions require special equipment and skills.  Rescuers utilize rope systems, Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus and communication technologies to make their way to injured or trapped persons.  Special urban search and rescue cameras are also used to assist in locating trapped victims.  Once the trapped victim is located, they will be given supplied air and then extricated from the confined space.  This is done using low profile stretchers, spinal immobilization harnesses and stokes baskets.  If a vertical lift of victims and rescuers is required, a tripod can be incorporated as an elevated point of attachment for equipment and rigging.
Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue holds its employees to a high standard.  These standards lead to exceptionally well trained professionals responding to technical rescue incidents throughout the County.


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