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Fire and Rescue

Ambulance & Medic units

An ambulance provides pre hospital Basic Life Support care.  These units are staffed by two Emergency Medical Technicians.  A medic unit provides pre hospital Advanced Life Support care.  These units are staffed by two Paramedics.

Medic 504 - resized.jpg


An Engine is equipped with a pump, hose and on board water tank to extinguish fires. An engine company responds to a multitude of medical emergencies, auto accidents, hazardous material incidents and various other emergencies.


Engine 23 - resized.jpg



 A Ladder Truck provides Search and Rescue, Ventilation and Tactical Rescue capabilities.  The aerial ladder provides access to normally out of reach places, both above and below grade for victim rescue.  While it does not carry water, it works in conjunction with an engine to provide an elevated waterway used for large fires.


Ladder Truck 523 - resized.jpgTruck 524-T504.jpg

Pierce R522.jpgRescue 506 - resized 2.jpg



A Tanker is utilized to bring firefighting water to rual areas that have no public water system, i.e. fire hydrants.  They can carry anywhere from 1,850 to 3,500 gallons of water and can operate with just a driver.

Tanker 506 - resized.jpg

Tanker 15 - resized.jpg



Hazmat Support 516 offers additional equipment such as personal protective clothing, large quantity leak control, and advanced technical decontamination. 

Hazmat Unit - resized.jpgHazmat 516d.jpg


Brush Truck 

 A brush truck is a small four-wheel vehicle equipped with a small pump, water take hose wheel and various hand tools to fight brush or forest fires.

Brush Truck 15 (Evergreen) - resized.jpg


Brush Truck 504 - resized.jpg


 Collapse Unit

The Collapse Unit brings specialized equipment to technical rescue incidents including confined space rescues, trench rescues, building collapses, and transportation incidents involving large trucks and trains.

Collapse 4 - resized.jpg



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