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State Wants Your Input on Transportation Needs
Friday, 22 August 2014
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​The Virginia Office of the Secretary of Transportation is conducting a review, under its VTrans2040 initiative, to assess multi-modal transit needs across the commonwealth over the next two decades and more. To supplement the review, the department is asking the public’s help in completing a survey to get input from all types of travelers in the state.

The review will look at the future needs to facilitate multi-modal transportation along Corridors of Statewide Significance, which are designated by the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB). To be designated by the CTB, corridors must have high traffic volumes that connect regions and states and must include transit options such as commercial and general aviation, freight and passenger rail, and port facilities. The corridors of significance in Prince William County are the Northern Virginia Corridor, along Interstate 66, and the Washington to North Carolina Corridor, along Interstate 95.
J. Kelli Nash, with the Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment, said VTrns will use the survey to determine 2040 demographic, technological, environmental, economic and freight trends to help frame discussions on transit and the state’s transportation future. “The survey is important for VTrans2040 as it will give the project team an overall sense of people’s travel preferences. It will give us insight into how and why people are currently traveling, and how they would like it to be different.”  
The first of the questions on the 10-minute survey asks respondents to indicate how they get around the majority of the time, with choices to indicate whether they travel by carpool, taxi, bus, rail, ferry or bicycle, or if they mostly drive alone. Among other things, further questions ask people to indicate other ways they travel at least once a month, how they currently travel to work, how they would like to travel to work, how they feel about the condition of roads and infrastructure; and what they think transportation will look like in the future.
Click here to complete the survey.
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