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Rollins Ford Road Open to Traffic and Will Save Time for Commuters
Tuesday, 15 July 2014
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​Rollins Ford Road is open for traffic between the intersection of Song Sparrow and Yellow Hammer drives and Vint Hill Road.

Prince William County officials cut a ribbon on Tuesday, July15, 2014, to officially open the mile-long project, which was part of the 2006 Bond Referendum to widen the Rollins Ford Road to a four-lane, divided roadway. The last section of the road, between Linton Hall and Vint Hill roads, includes a 365-foot, double-span bridge crossing Bull Run. rollinsfordarticle.png
Prince William’s Brentsville District Supervisor W.S. “Wally” Covington III spoke at the ceremony and said the project fit into the plan of building “connectivity” across the county. “This is just one more piece. Eleven years ago when I first took office, Western Prince William County was gridlocked. We had earned a reputation as one of the worst places from which to commute. A decade later, thanks to a prudent investment of taxpayer dollars, which voters themselves allocated via passage of the 2006 Road Bond, Western Prince William is poised to be a global gateway, due to our proximity to major interstates which lead to and from our nation’s capital.” 
The road project will include a future park, which Covington said is a much-needed asset for the community. “As we work to complete Rollins Ford Community Park along this newest transportation corridor, I know, over time, Prince William County citizens will reap both economic benefit, and hopefully, personal pleasure, with this concrete asset to the community and our future.”
Prince William’s Coles District Supervisor Martin E. Nohe also spoke at the ceremony and said he remembered a time when travel across the county was difficult at best. “There was a time, not long ago, to get from any place in Prince William County to any place else meant planning your day around the trip rather than planning your day around an event.”
Nohe cited voter-approved, road bond referendums going back a dozen years that have made driving less onerous. “Getting around the county has become – not just easier – but probably easier than any other jurisdiction in Northern Virginia. That’s because of the investments this community makes.”
The new road will offer people options to travel between Vint Hill and Linton Hall Roads. Previously, routes between the two roads were along Glenkirk Road and Sudley Manor Drive. According to county officials, commuters using the road should save 15 to 20 minutes on their commutes.
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