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Recap of Jan. 7, 2014, Board Meeting
Tuesday, 7 January 2014
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Prince William Chairman Corey A. Stewart delivered his annual State of the County address on Tuesday, Jan. 7, to open the first meeting of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors in 2014.

In his address, Stewart also said that the Board must continue working to maintain Prince William County’s high quality of life with “its safe neighborhoods, excellent schools, growing job base and rising prosperity.” For a complete transcript of Stewart’s address to county residents, visit
The Board also voted on other procedural issues, including choosing Occoquan District Supervisor Michael C. May to serve as Vice Chairman of the Board for 2014. The Board also chose Neabsco District Supervisor John D. Jenkins as Chairman Pro-Tem for 2014.
The Board also voted to allow the Prince William County Police Department to accept, budget and appropriate $578,773 from the Virginia Office of the Attorney General for purchasing replacement police radios. The attorney general’s office was awarded the money as an equitable share of asset forfeiture funds resulting from a plea agreement in the matter of United States v. Abbott Laboratories. The attorney general’s office asked interested law enforcement agencies from across the state to participate in the Asset Forfeiture Transfer Program. As a result, he Prince William Police Department submitted a request for a share of the money to purchase replacement portable radios to support the county’s 800 MHz public radio safety system.
Additionally, the Board voted to allow the Prince William Department of Transportation to request that the Virginia Department of Transportation restrict through truck traffic on Ingram Drive in the Gainesville Magisterial District. A staff report to the board showed that Ingram Drive is ill-suited to truck traffic due to roadway design and a narrow bridge. 
The Board also authorized the Prince William Department of Transportation to request that VDOT accept streets in the Eagles Pointe Subdivision into the secondary system of state highways. VDOT accepts streets into the state system once the developer shows that state and local standards of road construction have been met.
The Board also voted to allow the Development Services Department to create future growth positions, which will allow the department to hire people as the workload dictates. These positions will be funded by the development fee reserve. This allows the department to hire employees as the economy improves and workloads and fees increase.
To see a copy of the agenda from today’s Board of County Supervisors meeting or to watch the meeting, visit
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