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Program Offers Home Cooling Assistance
Monday, 23 June 2014
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​People who are having trouble paying the bill to cool their homes for the summer may be able to get some help from the Prince William Department of Social Services.

Shelby Holley, the Prince William County Human Services Program Supervisor, said the county administers the Cooling Assistance Program which is offered by the Virginia Department of Social Services. “Cooling assistance is for individuals who have a cooling need in Prince William County. The cooling assistance program can assist people with repair and payment toward electricity for cooling purposes. Money is provided by the state and this program is offered all over the state of Virginia.”
In order to qualify households must meet certain income requirements; have someone in the household that has a disability; have someone in the household who is 60 years of age or older; or someone in the household under six years of age, Holley said.
People who receive cooling may be eligible for the following: 
  • Self-pick-up of a portable fan
  • Purchase and installation of a window air conditioner
  • Repair of a central air conditioner or heat pump
  • One-time payment of electric deposit
  • Purchase and installation of a ceiling, attic or whole house fan
  • Repair of ceiling, attic or whole house fan
  • One-time payment of electric bill
  • Self-pick-up and installation of a window air conditioner 
To apply in person, visit the Sudley North Community Services office at 7987 Ashton Ave. Suite 18 in Manassas or the Dr. A.J. Ferlazzo Building at 15941 Donald Curtis Drive in Woodbridge.
For information about the program visit the Virginia Department of Social Services.
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