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Prince William Health District Offers Immunizations for Children
Tuesday, 12 August 2014
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​There are immunizations children need before starting school; and if they do not have them then they will not be allowed to attend classes, said Kelly Andrews, the immunization coordinator for the Prince William Health District.

Andrews said people should start taking their children to see their doctors now to avoid the rush before school starts. “It’s important that you bring your children to get their vaccinations as soon as possible to avoid delays; the earlier, the better. There are many communicable diseases out there, and fortunately, there are many that can be prevented by vaccines. Kids getting vaccines are helping to protect themselves, as well as their peers.”
The Prince William Health District offers all of the vaccinations schools require, Andrews said. “People coming to Prince William Health District would be able to receive their school-required vaccines free of charge. There are other vaccines that they may get that are not necessarily requirements; however, they are recommended. There may be a small charge associated with those vaccines.”
Andrews said people could also get their children school-required vaccinations at most pediatricians’ and physicians’ offices.
Parents can call the Health District for Monday morning appointments at 703-792-6300 for the Manassas clinic or 703-792-7300 for the Woodbridge clinic. There are walk-in schedules available at the clinics, as well. Visit the Prince William Health District website to find out hours and addresses of the clinics, as well as more information about vaccinations.
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