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Companies Investing in Prince William County
Thursday, 29 August 2013
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The County announced an investment of $392 million, the creation of 121 new jobs, and the retention of 10 jobs for the second quarter of 2013, according to Jeff Kaczmarek, Executive Director of the Prince William County Department of Economic Development. In an August 6th briefing to the Board of County Supervisors, he reported that the department responded to more than 160 queries and 480 requests for information from businesses within the County during that time frame, as well.

The Department of Economic Development aided in the expansion of three existing Prince William County businesses during the April to June period and assisted one business to keep it located in the county. Business retention and expansion projects this quarter resulted in the creation of 66 new jobs and retention of 10 jobs. Additionally, one new company was recruited to the county creating 55 jobs.
Kaczmarek also told the Board that the department sent representatives to trade shows and technical conferences in Washington, New York, California and Minnesota, along with several local events to promote the County. “We are really going to where our target industry sectors meet in order to reach out and tell the Prince William story and make sure that folks who make competitive decisions in their particular sector know that we have a strong business opportunity here.”
According to Kaczmarek, the department continued to develop its electronic outreach and marketing programs. “More and more location decisions are being made relying on the Internet. So, it’s important to have a compelling web presence and take advantage of the shift toward social media.”
The department’s data showed a 15 percent increase in Internet searches for existing buildings and an 86 percent increase in searches for land over the first quarter of 2013.
“People are starting to look at Prince William as a strong location opportunity in order to purchase land and construct facilities. I think it’s the beginning of a trend that will continue,” he said.
He also said a lot of companies are “kicking the tires” about potential projects in the county.
“We’re starting to see a turn in the market. We are clearly seeing more interest in Prince William County, and our economic development team is exploring every opportunity to get our message out … and we’re pushing as hard as we can to make sure our competitive Prince William business proposition is getting to decision makers.”
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