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Prepare for Potential Commuting Delays Due to Metro’s SafeTrack Program
Thursday, 26 May 2016
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​The daily commute for Prince William County residents may get even longer. Beginning Saturday, June 4, Metro will begin work on its SafeTrack program, which is Metro's accelerated work plan to rehabilitate the Metrorail system to improve safety and reliability.

According to Metro, SafeTrack takes three years of planned work and accelerates it into one year by increasing maintenance hours on weeknights, weekends and midday hours. The greatest potential commuter impact comes from the 15 planned "Safety Surges," which requires key parts of the system to be shut down for long durations to complete major projects.

"We are encouraging impacted commuters to seek alternative commute options and take advantage of potential telecommute opportunities while we complete this work," said Lynn Bowersox, Assistant General Manager, Communications & Marketing, WMATA. 

To find out how SafeTrack may impact your commute, Metro developed a website ( to keep patrons informed and help them to plan their commute. In addition, riders may sign up for Metro Alerts or follow Metro on Twitter (@metrorailinfo) to receive up-to-the-minute alerts on delays and availability of Metro service. 

As Metro riders select alternative commute options, Prince William County residents should prepare for the potential of increased ridership on VRE commuter trains and PRTC bus routes, more cars on the roads, longer slug lines and increased travel time regardless of the mode of transportation selected. ​

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