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Police Promote 21 Officers and Department Personnel
Thursday, 4 September 2014
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​During a recent promotion ceremony for 21 police officers and department personnel, Prince William Police Chief Steve Hudson said that those who were there to be promoted were there because they understood the department’s mission. They helped to further the department’s goal in establishing a good rapport with people in the county, Hudson told the audience gathered for the ceremony at the A.J. Ferlazzo Building.

“We’re extremely fortunate for the great relationships we have with our community. I firmly believe that a large part of what makes us so successful is the close ties that we maintain with county leaders, with residents, with advocates, with neighborhood groups and businesses alike,” Hudson said.
Hudson went on to say that those being promoted played a role in establishing that trust and cooperation. He said all statistics show that Prince William County is safer now than it has ever been and credited the people who attended the ceremony for helping in that regard. “It’s only when we work together hand-in-hand with the community that we can really be successful and have the type of positive impact that all of us as police officers desire,” he said. “Your work collectively throughout the years, coupled with our strong community ties has made this county one of the safest in the region if not the nation.”
One measure of how well the Police Depart has worked with the community is in the number of calls it received compared to the number of complaints it received. Over the last year, Hudson told the audience that the department had received nearly 250,000 calls for service while receiving only 59 citizen complaints. “That’s a remarkable indicator of great work done by cops who really care about the people they serve.”
Hudson reminded those being promoted that their promotions would require more of them and reminded them that they would lead the department toward a new generation of policing. “I have high expectations of all of you in this group. All of you have illustrated in your careers that you set high standards; you accept challenges head on; and you strive to excel. I challenge you now in this next step to continue that pattern, to be the type of mentor that you yourself would look to, and continue to set a high standard for yourselves and those around you.”
Hudson concluded saying that he had confidence in those being advanced and encouraged them to continue in the same vein that had gotten them promoted. “This is an investment in your future and it is certainly an investment in the future of this department and to this county. Be a person of action, a person of conviction, a person of ethics and compassion and above all a person of integrity.”
Prince William Chairman Corey A. Stewart attended the ceremony and commended those being promoted. “Prince William County is a desirable and safe community to live, due in large part to our world class Police Department. I know the men and women promoted today are well deserving of their promotions and will continue to do everything necessary to protect the citizens of this county. I congratulate them on their promotions and wish them the best as they continue to put their life on the line each and every day.”
Robert D. Grinnell
Gregory A. Pass
First Sergeant
Eric S. Garza
Kenneth L. Hulsey
Stephen C. Mercer
Deputy Animal Control Officer
Miranda B. Butler
Meagan P. Chapman
Brian D. Gardner
Saemi C. Kitchens
Christopher M. Moore
Kevin P. Neiswonger
Ryan S. Pavol
Victor J. Tomsko
Gary D. Van Dyke
Richard D. Visconti
Management and Fiscal Analyst III
Kara Bonkoski
Crime Analyst
Kristin O. Alexander
Law Enforcement Database Technician
Michele Long
Administrative Support Assistant III
Lynette Claiborne
Administrative Support Assistant II
Joyce Martin
Telecommunicator II
Casey N. Putney
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