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Love Your Library
Monday, 7 April 2014
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​The Love My Library campaign is a month-long campaign that allows residents to express their love and appreciation for their libraries. The Prince William County Library System has run the spring campaign every year for the last decade. This year, the campaign runs from April 13 through May 11 and will provide an opportunity for patrons to make a monetary donation to bring an additional book, CD or audiobook to the local libraries.

Jean L. Ross, an associate director for materials management for the library system, said giving the monetary donations is easy to do. “For people to participate and be involved in this process is so simple. All they have to do is go to the library website where there will be a link to Love My Library. When they get there, they will see different choices. To donate, all they have to do is fill out a little form which they can bring into one of the libraries and receive a thank you gift.”

Donation forms, along with checks or cash, may also be mailed to any of the 10 libraries in the system. Donors may also receive a bookplate to go on the inside cover of the books they donate. 
Aside from the ease of donating, the donations “stretch” library dollars, and the money they receive during the campaign goes a long way, Ross said. “It’s a significant amount of material that’s added to the library.”
Visit the library system’s website for more information.
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