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GIS Provides Important Services to County Residents
Thursday, 10 October 2013
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​The Prince William County Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Office has the County covered as far as mapping is concerned. “We manage a large library of data,” Malcolm J. Echaluce, GIS Applications Developer, said of the election, zoning and comprehensive plan maps the GIS Office has on file.  

Echaluce said that people from across the county find different uses for the maps the office creates, including information compiled from aerial photography, developer surveys and satellite data. “We have many GIS users in various agencies – some in fire and rescue, police, environmental services planning, transportation – just to name a few. Each of those agencies uses GIS in many different ways. The addressing grid is highly important when it comes to something such as public safety – when it comes to making sure our firefighters and our police officers go to the right house when they get emergency calls.”
Lori Wilson, a GIS Analyst, said the work the people do in the office also helps to avoid confusion. “We do all the plan reviews for the county, and so we assign all of the addresses. We let the developers give us the street names they would like to use and we just make sure they’re not a duplicate or phonetically similar to any other streets in Prince William County.”
In addition to contemporary maps, the GIS office keeps maps going back decades. Many of those maps are in the form of photographic, poster-sized, black-and-white transparencies or slides. “If somebody wanted to do some aerial research, we have aerial maps that go as far back as the 1930s,” Echaluce said.
Residents may also purchase mapping products and services from GIS. Products include zoning maps, election district maps and many others. For a complete list of products and services available, as well as pricing, visit the GIS website at or call 703-792-6840.
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