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Free Resource Can Help People Meet Savings Goals
Friday, 10 February 2017
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Saving money isn't always easy, but the Prince William Saves – America Saves website can help people set goals, make plans and meet their savings goals to take control of their future. Prince William Saves is run by the Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) and is the local arm of the America Saves program.

Patricia Contrades, a volunteer with the VCE, said the website offers tips and tools that can help get people on a path to saving money. "The gist of the program is that it provides resources … for individuals and families to use in order to make them financially sound."

The website also offers people the chance to make a pledge to themselves to save money. "When you go to the website, you can actually take the pledge. It's going to ask you to set a savings goal, which could be anything from … education for a child, themselves, somebody saving for an automobile, whatever you want it to be."

By making the pledge on the website, people can get tips and encouragement in the form of monthly emails and text messages. Contrades said the messages serve as a "pep talk." "It's that support that we all need to get financially healthy."

Other resources on the website are tips on how to get out of debt, save for a home, save on auto purchases, save for emergencies, save for retirement and save for education.

America Saves runs promotions throughout the year that people who have pledged can use. The promotions can help people with saving, Contrades said. "So if you're a saver that has pledged to the website, then you should get notices or emails. These promotions are a great incentive to help you save money."

To take the pledge to begin saving, visit the Prince William Saves website at For more information about this program or other programs offered by the Virginia Cooperative Extension visit , call 703-792-6287 or email

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