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County Hosts Successful Vendor Fair
Monday, 28 October 2013
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Prince William’s first vendor fair in more than a decade attracted a number of business leaders interested in working with the county.
The fair, hosted by Prince William County’s Purchasing Office along with the Prince William Chamber of Commerce, was designed to familiarize people with the County’s procurement procedures, get them into the system and to let them know how to do business with the County.
“I think the event was a success. Prince William County was able to register or enhance the vendor profiles of 68 vendors. We received positive feedback from the vendors on the four the seminars that were held,” Adam Manne, Prince William County’s Purchasing Division Chief, said.
The seminars included: how to do business with Prince William County; why should I be a member of the Prince William Chamber of Commerce; how to search for solicitations as a vendor; emergency planning with the County and vendor outreach; and the advantages of automatic clearinghouse for vendors.
Chris MacMurray, the owner of a local printing and graphic design firm, said he came to the fair to update the system with his most current information. “I came to find out what I have to do to be a participant and to check and see if I’m registered. I think we’ve gotten those things taken care of.”
Sondra Brandon, a local realtor and chamber member, said she found the seminars helpful. “It’s been very informative. It’s good to find out where things are located on the website.”
Kyle Williams, who runs a human services consulting firm, said he got some networking done at the vendor fair. “I learned about the chamber of commerce and what they do and how having exposure to other businesses can be beneficial to yours.”
Manne said he thought the results of the vendor fair paid off for everyone. “All in all I think it was a positive experience for the vendors, the Chamber of Commerce and the County,” Manne said.
People who wish to do business with the County as a vendor can visit here or call the County’s Purchasing Office at 703-792-6770.
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