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Construction to Begin Soon on Expansion of Adult Detention Center
Thursday, 19 October 2017
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​The Prince William Board of County Supervisors recently awarded a $39-million contract to Branch and Associates for construction of the expansion of the Prince William-Manassas Regional Adult Detention Center.

Expanding the jail to add 204 beds will cost approximately $44 million, which includes $5 million already spent on design. The county will fund the project through a combination of financing, facilities capital reserve and general fund contributions along with state funding. The state has agreed to reimburse the county $21 million to help pay for the expansion.

The lowest bid, submitted by Branch and Associates originally came in at $40 million. While the bid was within the budget for construction costs, it did not allow for outfitting the jail, the warranty of the project and project completion. The Prince William County Department of Public Works negotiated with the bidder, and those negotiations, coupled with engineering changes, resulted in a $1.3-million cost reduction.

In order to get the 50 percent construction cost reimbursement from the state, the Adult Detention Center, or ADC, had to have a community-based corrections study, said Col. Pete Meletis, superintendent of the ADC. The plan, which was completed in 2014, showed that continued growth over the last 10 years has made the expansion necessary. "It looked at our current state of the number of inmates we have on the complex, and it studied how many future beds we'll need on the complex. It's all based on inmate numbers. We're currently over our state-rated capacity of 667 by about 300. That includes inmates that are farmed out to other facilities."

Now that the contract has been awarded, construction is scheduled to begin next month and continue through December 2019. Occupancy is scheduled for early 2020.

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