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Beat the Heat
Monday, 7 July 2014
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​One sure way to beat the heat is to hit the swimming pools; but for those who don’t swim to keep fit, like runners and cyclists who are finding current weather too oppressive, there are other options, said Bernadette O’Keefe, the general manager at Chinn Aquatics and Fitness Center.

O’Keefe said the Prince William County Department of Parks and Recreation has treadmills for runners and stationary bicycles for cyclists who might want to put in some fitness time inside, out of the hammering heat. O’Keefe said the sports-minded might also want to visit the Chinn Center or the Sharron Baucom – Dale City Recreation Center for swim, Zumba, yoga dance classes and other programs.
“We’ve got the air conditioning blasting, and we can cover the gamut to bring you indoors,” O’Keefe said.
For those who are simply looking to chill at the pool, there are other choices that include Splash Down Water Park at 7500 Ben Lomond Park Drive in Manassas. Call 703-792-8200 for information. For information about programs at Waterworks-Andrew Leitch Park at 5301 Dale Blvd in Dale City, call 703-680-7137.
For those who simply want to lounge waterside, consider a visit to:
  • Veterans Park Pool and Waterslide at 14300 Featherstone Road in Woodbridge, 703-491-2183.
  • Hammill Mill Park Pool, at 1721 Carter Lane in Woodbridge, 703-491-1074.
  • Birchdale Community Pool at 14730 Birchdale Ave. in Dale City, 703-670-5178.
  • Graham Park Pool at 3511 Graham Park Road in Dumfries, 703-221-7550.
Visit the Parks Department website for more information.
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