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Tracking Your Family History
Monday, 7 May 2018
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T​he Ruth E. Lloyd Information Center, or RELIC, is a special collection dedicated to genealogy and local history located at the Bull Run Regional Library at 8051 Ashton Avenue in Manassas. The trained staff at RELIC can help people trace their family history and research people, places and events associated with local and state history.

RELIC offers free special events throughout the year to help people explore history as a part of the library's services.

On Thursday, May 10, RELIC will host "African-American Genealogy: Tracking Families Before the Civil War." The program begins at 11 a.m. and will use a case study approach to demonstrate the process to help identify and trace lives from the age of slavery when family documentation was rare.

On Tuesday, May 22 at 7 p.m., RELIC will host "Finding Your Family in the News" to help people learn how to use newspaper archives for historical research. With a growing number of newspaper archives coming online, research using these resources has never been easier. RELIC's Don Wilson will show how obituaries, marriage notices, court cases, advertisements, news items, local gossip, photos and other items in the local newspapers can be used for research projects.

The programs last 60 to 90 minutes and are free. To register, call RELIC at 703-792-4540 or email

Visit RELIC for more information.

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