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Researching Family Origins and Local History
Friday, 1 March 2019
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​The Ruth E. Lloyd Information Center, or RELIC, at Bull Run Regional Library, has a number of things going on in March that might interest history buffs, whether they're starting to research their family origins or maybe want to find out a bit about local history.

On March 13, at 2 p.m., professional genealogist Jennifer Banks will give a talk on how to more effectively use, the world's largest collection of family trees, genealogy and resources. In her talk, Using FamilySearch Effectively, Banks will explain which search boxes on the website work best and how to access online learning courses, books and catalogs.

On March 19, at 7 p.m., archeologist and cartographer Patrick O'Neill will talk about the research he has done on the property at Thoroughfare Gap. This is the property where the walls of Beverly Mill, which ground corn for the community for 200 years, still stand. It was owned by the Chapman family until about the time of the Civil War and the Beverly family owned the mill until the mid-1920s. The Civil War Battle of Thoroughfare Gap was fought at the mill as part of the Battle of Second Manassas. In his talk The Chapman Mill Tract: Missing Patents and Four Old Cemeteries, O'Neill will talk about the property's lost deeds and patents, or land grants, and four cemeteries on the property.

On March 27, at 2 p.m., RELIC's Darlene Hunter will talk about beginning genealogical searches during Genealogy 101: Getting Started. Hunter will demonstrate the essential steps people need to take and the resources they need to use to ensure accurate and complete research. Many of the resources needed in discovering family trees are available at the library for free. Hunter will talk about using things like Census records and how they can help put together information on the family, and how to find basic things such as birth, marriage and death certificates. 

All of the talks will be held at the library, which is located at 8051 Ashton Ave. in Manassas. Call 703-792-4540 or email to register. Registration is required. 

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