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Public Input Wanted for Signage Design Guidelines
Friday, 9 February 2018
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In Sept. 2017, the Board of County Supervisors directed staff to develop a comprehensive and consistent guideline for official signs across the county. On Feb. 6, staff presented its initial draft sign design guidelines to the board.

An interdepartmental team — made up of representatives from the Planning Office, Historic Preservation, Office of Tourism, Department of Parks and Recreation, Communications Office and Department of Transportation — developed the draft sign guidelines.

The first phase of the project involved coming up with a design standard that would create consistency, foster a sense of place and develop a brand identity. The team considered possible fonts, color pallets and sign materials, along with various sizes and shapes of signs.

Per the board's directive, the sign package applies to vehicular and pedestrian directional signs; parks, historic properties, and other local government facility identification signs; regulatory signs; and gateway welcome signs.

Before moving forward, the board would like public input on the design options. The County posted an online survey where the public can comment whether they like the designs and provide any open feedback about the plan. The survey will be open for two weeks, and results will be presented to the Board at an upcoming meeting for final consideration and possible adoption of a final sign guidelines package.

To give feedback, the public is asked to visit county's website

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