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Prince William Firefighter Competes in NBC4 Chili Cook Off
Thursday, 8 February 2018
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Prince William firefighter Helton Pereira recently got a few minutes of fame when his creamy, white, chicken chili earned him some recognition from NBC 4. The television station filmed Pereira during a live segment from Fire and Rescue Station 26 this morning.

Pereira will be taking his chili to a cook off at the television station in Washington, D.C. tomorrow to go up against other area firefighters and maybe win some money for a charity.

Pereira's thinks his chili with green chiles and habanero peppers, "for that extra kick," garnished with cilantro, avocado and a little hint of lime, "to give it that extra zest," will do well at the contest. "I think this is the winner. This is the number one chili right here."

Pereira said he chose white chili because he wanted to stand out a bit when he competes against firefighters from Fairfax, Washington, D.C. and Prince Georges County in Maryland.

Prince William Fire and Rescue Chief Kevin McGee tasted the chili after NBC4's morning crew finished filming. McGee and said it might be the best chili he's ever had. "I think it's a slam dunk. I don't know how we can lose. The heat level was just right. It's unique. I don't know how we can't win."

Good luck tomorrow Firefighter Pereira!

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