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Help for Anyone Planning a Large Event in Prince William County
Tuesday, 3 April 2018
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Are you planning a reunion or event in Prince William County? If so, Prince William County's Office of Tourism is available to help with some of the legwork involved in planning large events, like reunions, weddings, parties, and meetings for groups of 10 or more. And best of all, the service is free.

"Our office assists planners, and groups, in planning their events in Prince William County," said Mike Stoupa, tourism sales specialist. "Whether that is a resident who is a meeting planner or people who want to hold a reunion in the county — family, military or class reunion — we can assist them in connecting with the appropriate venues and services."

Stoupa said the office provides one-stop shopping that can save people time and frustration. All people have to do is call Stoupa, who will reach out to his contacts from across the county.

"Whoever is organizing the event can call me and explain what they want. I will then disseminate that out to the venues that meet their needs," Stoupa said. "Rather than them calling three hotels to get rate quotes, or researching 17 venues, they can have a five- to 10-minute conversation with us, one time, as opposed to having that same conversation with 20 different tourism partners. It's a big time saver."

Additionally, Stoupa said, the office can sometimes arrange discounts at area restaurants, hotels, museums and other attractions.

For more information, call Stoupa at 703-792-8425.

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