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Crossing Guards Provide Invaluable Service to Community
Tuesday, 13 February 2018
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Prince William County crossing guards are committed to seeing to the safety of school-age children every day during the school year. To honor the crossing guards and the work they do, the Board of County Supervisors recently voted to proclaim Feb. 14 as Crossing Guard Appreciation Day in Prince William County.

Police Lt. Marie Snyder oversees the Crossing Guard Section of the Police Department and said that in the 53 years that the crossing guards have been on duty in the county, no child has been seriously injured or killed

"Crossing guards are very, very dedicated individuals. We train them in all the safety protocols, and they are very, very good at following the protocols to make sure that children are taught pedestrian safety well. They pretty much train the drivers, too," Snyder said.

The 94 crossing guards in the county make sure that every school crossing is covered. If necessary, crossing guards will work two intersections to cover for an absence. Schools start at different times, so the crossing guards can usually be found work a couple of intersections during a shift if needed, Snyder said.

Glorious Ford, a retired federal worker who has been a crossing guard for eight years, said she enjoys wishing the children a good day every morning and afternoon as she helps them cross at the intersection of Cordell Drive and Calexico Lane in Dale City.

"It gives me a chance, as they're crossing the street, to say 'Yea school!' or 'Educated people make big money!' They understand 'big money,'" Ford said with a smile.

Ford also likes her job because of the hours. "Not only can I do something that I enjoy, but I can also go to the schools and do my volunteer work reading to the children, or I can go to other activities I enjoy."

For more information about crossing guards in the county, visit and click "Crossing Guard Section" under "Employment & Training."

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