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Consider Going Car Free for a Day
Friday, 14 September 2018
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​Have you ever considered going car-free for a day? The Prince William County Department of Transportation is encouraging residents to participate in "Car Free Days, Metro D.C." on Friday, Sept. 21 and/or Saturday, Sept. 22. Car Free Days is a worldwide event to encourage people to give up their cars for a day and use alternate forms of transportation to get around.  

While many commuters may worry about how they will get to and from work without driving their car, Adam Weigel, the county's bicycle and pedestrian coordinator, said the goal is to encourage county residents to consider other options for commuting, at least for a day. "If we can encourage people to carpool with an office mate for a day, walk or bike to work if they live within a mile or two, or work from home, that will bring awareness of the other options that are available," Weigel said.

While many Prince William County residents already commute by train, bus and carpool, living without a car for a day might make those who ride alone aware of other ways to get where they're going, Weigel said. "While we don't necessarily think that commuting without a car is practical for everyone, this is an opportunity to remind residents that a range of mobility options exist and encourage them to take another look. It may be automatic for most to hop in the car and not think about other options." 

Those interested in participating in Car Free Day can find out more information and take the pledge at Those who take the pledge will agree to use rail, bus, carpool, bike, walk or telework for the day and will be eligible for prizes, Weigel said.

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