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Office of Elections
Get Involved!
The Prince William County Electoral Board Needs your help.

Be an Election Official!

Information on being an Election Officer.

High school students who are interested
can participate as Student Election Pages.

Approximately 400 Election Officials are needed to conduct a Primary election and more than 600 are needed to conduct a General Election. Get involved!

Election officers receive compensation for working Election Day as well as attending a training class. This is not strictly a volunteer position but interest in being part of the electoral process is important. Complete our eSurvey to apply as an Election Officer online, or download a printable application here, and mail or fax completed applications to:



 Prince William County Electoral Board
 9250 Lee Avenue Suite 1 
 Manassas Virginia 20110-5554
 Fax 703-792-6461

What's it like working at a polling place? Check our Election Officer News Web page.

To talk to a staff member about working a day at the polls call 703-792-6470.


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