Frequently Asked Questions (Forms Mailed to Voters)


  • Why are you sending me registration forms in the mail?
    • ​The Office of Elections sends out forms for registration when a citizen requests or has an incomplete form.

      If there was a problem with an application that you submitted, we will send another form to complete.

      You may receive a registration form from a voter registration drive that obtained a mailing list.

      If you are wondering about your registration status, please call our office at (703) 792-6470.

  • I changed my address at DMV. Why are you sending me a Voter Registration form?
    • If you recently moved and changed your address at DMV or online with DMV, the DMV might send you a partially completed Voter Registration Form for you to sign and mail back

      • Changing your address on your VA Driver's License at DMV does not change your address for Voter Registration because Voter registration changes require your signature

        DMV will mail a separate form to complete this transaction. This form will contain a self-addressed envelope for you to return the application to the Department of Elections office in Richmond.  If you live in Prince William County, please mail directly to our office address at the bottom of the page.

        When you update your voter registration address online and use your VA Driver's License (DL) number [when prompted], the VA DL number links to your DMV signature. You are not required to mail application

  • Why are you sending me a letter or card asking for my new address?
    • When changes occur in voter registration or precinct location, the PWC Office of Elections sends a new voter card or a letter requesting address verification:

      When the PWC Office of Elections has a voter card returned as undeliverable, we will send a letter to the forwarding address the United States Postal Service provides. Please sign and return the form to verify your new address.

      Once you return the signed letter, we can use it to update your voter registration record to ensure you are registered at the correct address and eligible to vote in future elections.

      If you do not respond, re-register, or vote within the year, you will receive another mailing from the Department of Elections asking you to verify your correct address.

      If you do not respond in a timely manner to the Department of Elections, your name could be removed from the Virginia Voter Election Registration Information System (VERIS) database.

  • I received a Voter Card for someone else who does not live at my address. What should I do?
    • There could be many reasons why you received a Voter Information Card for another person: 

      Other than a simple mistake in writing or entering an address, the Voter Card could be for a person who was registered at your address in the past

      It could be for a voter whose registration was never updated or canceled

      It could be a military or overseas voter whose last U.S. address is in Virginia

      Please write on the envelope, "Return to Sender," and drop the envelope in the mail. We will start the procedure to locate this voter's correct address or remove from the voter registration database

      If you are concerned or suspect fraud, please call our office at 703-792-6470

  • I cannot locate my Voter Card, how do I obtain a new one?
    • ​You can visit 9250 Lee Avenue, Manassas or 2731 Caton Hill Road, Woodbridge; or, call our office at 703-792-6470 to request a new card.

      The Voter Card must be mailed to you at your registration address

      Allow about four weeks to receive your new Voter Card

      Remember that voter registration and updates are closed for the 21 days prior to every election, so if you submit an application during that time it will take longer to receive a voter card

      Once your information has been added to the Virginia Election and Registration Information System (VERIS) database, you are considered a registered voter in Prince William County (PWC)

  • Who may conduct a Voter Registration drive in my community?
    • ​You or your organization may conduct a voter registration drive at public locations within the community.

      PWC Office of Elections will be happy to advise you in planning a successful drive, training volunteers, and answering any questions you might have

      Plan to order Voter Registration Applications from Richmond, Department of Elections Voter Registration Drive website in time for your event; our office does not keep large amounts of forms on hand

      Review the Guidelines for Voter Drives for more information or call our office at 703-792-6470.

For more Registration Information visit the VA Department of Elections website.
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If you still have unanswered questions or comments on the information provided here, please send them to us. You should receive a response within 24 business hours; however, if you don't hear from us in a timely manner (especially close to Election Day) please call the office.